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Anchoring a Customer


This is a new buzz word within the Window Film Industry and its a rather old idea that is rarely used anymore. Successful sales people use this technique.  Unless you anchor your relationships, they will drift apart from you. Your success depends on how you leverage those relationships that you have with your customer base.


As the success of your business depends on the effective relationships, you’ve got to remember the nature of relationships is that they can drift from you if you are not careful.

I read an article that a 10 point, point system should be placed on a customer.  For every month you do not have contact with your customer, they lose 1 point. After 10 months that customer has 0 value IF you have not communicated with them in anyway.


Using this same type of idea, let’s look at ways to “Anchor” your customers, past, present and future ones.

Past customers, give them a call, and just give a friendly checkup reminder. Ask if they have been satisfied with the work you performed. If it’s a home or business, drive by once in a while and see if anything has changed. With new seasons, new decor will go out. Use that as a reason to call them and tell them how well the yard looked. In reality, you could care less how the yard looks, you are just wanting to touch base and keep your business at the front of their mind. Ask them for additional work. Ask them for 3 referrals. Get them to engage with you.

Another way is to do warranty checkups with your customers. After about 30-90 days follow up with your customer and see if everything dried out correctly. Ask them if they are pleased with the performance of the film you installed. Then ask them to leave you a review. We all know the importance of positive reviews!  When you gather reviews, print them out and take them with you to your next job. Have them posted inside your show room. Be proud of the work that you have done. I also feel it’s important to keep a brief resume of your body of work that you have done. This way when you are presenting yourself to your customer, they are armed with all the information that they need to make a buying decision right on the spot.


When doing outside work. Have a sign made that you can put and leave in the yard. If the homeowner allows you to do so, leave it there for a few weeks. A simple sign that says,

Heat reducing window film being installed.

Call us today for your free estimate. (555)123-4567

Neighbors will see this and inquire. About 30 days after, blanket that neighborhood with flyers of your business. This will be the second time they will have seen your logo and now it’s making an impression on them.

Good luck and happy tinting!

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