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April 6, 2018
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Automotive Window Film Options

Every person wants to give their automobile the best service possible. One way to do this is to ensure that your interior is well protected from UV light. You do this by putting a protective tint layer on the windows. At Scorpion Window Film, we understand that every car is made differently. We consider the make, color, and size of the vehicle before providing you with a tinting option that is suitable.  Some of the options we have are:


Metalized King Series

The reflective tint is available in four colors. You can choose one that matches your car’s color. The two-ply shade not only protects you from harsh UV rays, but it also provides privacy from outsiders.  The protection against light is effective on both the passengers and the car seats and interior. Even more, it has a heat rejection feature that reflects heat away from the car: thus ensuring that the travel experience is not uncomfortable. As a bonus, you have a clear view of the environment from the inside. It does not lose its value even when exposed to light.  You can choose from one of the four VLT ranges availed.


Nano-Ceramic Sting IR Series

The provides VLT Ranges range from 5%, to 20%, 35%, 40%, 50%, and 70%. This tint offers protection from heat as well as good quality visuals. Additionally, the film has a wide measuring range from 250nm to 2500nm. Depending on the specifications you desire, you can go a notch higher or tone down the tint.


Predator Series Dye

This is a non-reflective two-ply tint. Six shades of this option are available. The lightest is at 50% while the darkest is at 5%. The dye has a lifetime warranty meaning that you do not have to change it after installation.


Sting series dye

For those who love utmost privacy, this is the option to pick. A maximum of 70% is the darkest film that you can get in this variation.


Venom Series

This is another one of the available shades that provide total protection against UV light. It is available in six shades meaning that you can pick one that suits your personal preferences.  The heat rejection feature of this tint is one of the best. It stands at 900 for every 10nm. The warranty lasts a lifetime.

Nano-Ceramic Shield Series

The heat rejection option, UV light protection, and longevity are some of the exceptional aspects of this item. However, it comes with a dual layer meaning that the privacy levels are high.


The striking thing about the services offered at Scorpion Window Film is that the UV protection is at 99% in all the tinting options.  Even more, the facilities are suitable not only for cars but also home windows.  The tint work is done correctly by qualified installers to achieve a smooth and sleek finish that is long-lasting. You can find an installer of your choice who is available in the city you reside in.

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