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May 5, 2015
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Benefits of Privacy Window Film

Glass windows and doors are part of all homes and offices. While giving an elegant and distinctive look, you may face compromised privacy issues. However, you can minimize this problem by considering the addition of privacy window film to keep your business behind closed doors. White and black window films can be installed wherever you like, whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom or official conference rooms. Following are few benefits of using privacy window film-

Reduces Glare– Direct sunlight is valuable everywhere and it makes you feel great while reducing the need to use artificial lights. But too much sunlight can sometimes create an uncomfortable glare  and heat which makes it quite difficult to work , sleep or relax without drawing down the curtains or closing the blinds especially, during the summer season. Using black and white window tint privacy film will help you get rid of this excessive sunlight and save your eyes from harsh sun exposure.

Protects from damaging UV rays- UV rays has been a highlighted issue since the past couple of years due to the skin problems it is causing such as, cancer. It is a normal practice to wear sun block when you are going out, but it is pretty difficult to stay in it all the time when you are indoors. You can easily reduce the sun’s damaging UV rays inside your premises by 99% using a black or white privacy window film. So why not install something that serves double purpose?

Privacy- The thin layer of black or white window privacy film makes the area private without sacrificing light. Windows or doors which have clear glass and  positioned towards the street are very suitable mediums for black window films. Main entrance doors and drawing rooms can have the frosted white film which protects the glass and also inhibits the view from outside. Offices with small and clustered cabins can also use this on the glass partitions to avoid any unwanted interference and for providing personal space to all employees.

Decorative appearance– Privacy window film also add a decorative element to your beautiful abode while concealing the indoors.  Official places and buildings with boring appearance may use the white out ultimate neat finish to achieve a more uniform look. Let your creativity kick in and utilize the window privacy film for a fresh appeal to old glass table tops, kitchen cabinet doors to hide all the clutter or even shower enclosures. Some  window films even imitate the look of expensive windows, but at a very low cost.


  1. Marcus Coons says:

    I had no idea that privacy window film could reduce the sun’s UV light by up to 99%. It is important to remember that taking the time to understand the effect this type of window film has in your home can help you decide if it is for you or not. Personally, I would want to take the time to consult with a professional I trust and make sure I get the best grade film installed in my house.

  2. I like how you point out that window film can protect you from UV rays in addition to giving added privacy. I have read that UV rays are the reason why furniture and carpet get sun faded over time. Would it be logical then to assume that window film can also help protect your belongings inside your home from sun damage?

  3. I have heard that the risk of cancer is pretty high in America. It must be good for people to have window film since it blocks 99% of UV rays. My friend works for a corporation with lots of loyal employees. For the sake of employee health, it might be best for them to use window films.

  4. Amanda Drew says:

    That’s really cool that window films can help protect the glass while inhibiting the view. It seems like that would be really useful on floor windows or really large ones. You’d just need to find someone who could put in the security film.

  5. Window tinting has always looked cool, but until reading this article, I didn’t know there was safety benefits to tinting the windows. Thank you for sharing that tinting windows will give me and my children more privacy. We will need to find a good window tinting service. I love the idea that you shared about it also protecting us from the sun’s harmful rays.

  6. Kit Hannigan says:

    I couldn’t agree more with what you said about how too much glare can make it hard for people to work sometimes. My daughter is now trying her hand at freelance writing. She is complaining of how excessive sunlight is beginning to get in her way fo finishing her projects on her free time during the day. I want to support her in pursuing her passion, so I will be sure to get the right window tints for our living room space.

  7. Gary Puntman says:

    I would love to get film on my window. That would be a great way to reduce UV rays entering my home. It might also end up helping me reduce energy costs for cooling my home during the summer. It’s amazing that 99% of UV rays can be blocked through using window tinting, like you said.

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