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Is Your Business Known In Your Community?

Small business marketing ideas to get noticed in your local area.



Small business marketing is key to success for most local businesses. Most people searching for things online or on their phone are looking for something local. Search Engine Land estimates that 50 percent of people that search for a store or business online make an in-person visit to the establishment within a day.


Before the rise of the internet, small business marketing often involved mailing lists, television ads and local newspaper ads to get people in the door. Advertising and media is constantly changing. Traditional advertising is not as effective anymore. If you want to connect with your local community, you must use new advertising methods to do so. Here are some of the best ways that you can become more visible in your community.




Use Social Media

Social media is very effective for small business marketing.  Facebook and Instagram both allow you to find and connect with prospective customers located in your community. You can use Facebook and Instagram ads to find and reach people who are near your business. With Facebook, it is easy to make advertisements that are relevant to the people in your community. You can:


Find customers based on their demographics, behaviors or interests.


Avoid spending money on people who aren’t in your target area or market.


Connect with people that are looking for your service or product.


Control your budget – Social media advertising is very cost-effective small business marketing tool.


Become a Local Expert

Build trust with your customers by becoming a local expert. Content marketing is one way to position yourself as an expert in your community. People go on the internet looking for information. You can provide it with content marketing. Content marketing allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your field. Provide your customers with tips, informative handouts or guides. The goal is to develop a reputation as an industry expert in the local area that you serve so that customers come to you for answers. You can then suggest relevant products that you sell that might meet their needs.


Use Grassroots Marketing

Grassroots marketing campaigns can be especially helpful for brick-and-mortar businesses. A grassroots campaign starts from the ground up. Begin by developing a message that you think will appeal to your local community. Your efforts should be focused on a small group. Most grassroots campaigns use social media or other non-traditional methods to spread the word about the campaign. Charitable efforts within your community are great for small business marketing campaigns as they help spread the message that you care about the community. An example of a charitable small business marketing campaign is the #BostonStrong campaign. In 2013, this campaign raised more than $72 million for the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing.


The above small business marketing ideas will help you find and retain more customers in your local community.

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