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Cold Cut You Down? Warm Up With Residential Window Heat Insulation Film

Temperatures around the country are dropping to record lows this winter. With it being so cold it’s hard not to crank the heat up. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll likely face high energy bills as well. Instead of turning up the heat, there are simpler — and cheaper ways to stay warm this winter. One of the best ways to lower your energy costs is to install residential window heat insulation film.


Window heat insulation films are designed to insulate against the cold in the winter and minimize heat gain in the summer. UV reflective window film allows in light while blocking harmful UV rays. There are a number of other benefits to window film. Here are some of the ways in which residential window heat insulation film can enhance your home.

  • Steady climate inside your home

  • Safety is increased

  • Protects home furnishing

  • UV ray protection


Provides Insulation Against Excessive Cold


Residential window heat insulation film helps insulate windows from penetrating cold temperatures. They work by reflecting and dispersing heat back into the room. This reduces cold spots for improved comfort in your home during the blistering cold months.


Improves The Safety And Security Of Your Home

Window heat insulation films provide an added layer of protection for your home. They make windows harder to penetrate, which makes it more difficult for a burglar to break. Burglars aren’t the only threat to your safety. Storms and accidents can shatter windows without warning and send shards of glass flying across the room. Residential window films are constructed with a thick polyester that is bonded together by strong adhesives. This helps keep glass fragments together after impact. So, if a wayward ball or a natural disaster shatters your windows, everyone in your home will be safer.


Helps Keep Your Interior Furnishings From Fading

Your window treatments, furniture, floors and walls all fade over time. Sun exposure causes them to lose color and break down. Protect your blinds draperies and furnishings with residential window films. They also help protect expensive art from fading.



Provides Protection Against UV Rays

According to Skincancer.org, one person dies from melanoma every 54 minutes.  Although many people do not realize it, UV rays to pass through windows. These rays are damaging to your skin and your eyes. They increase your risk of skin cancer and may contribute to premature aging. Window film protects against harmful UV rays. Plus, is transparent, so you can enjoy your beautiful view outside without worrying about UV rays.

Reduces Excessive Heat In Your Home

Your windows let in the sunlight and provide views of outside. However, they can also cause excessive heat build-up. Blinds and window treatments block light and help your home cooler. The problem is that they do so at the cost of natural light. If you have a wonderful sweeping view of the ocean or expansive views of your city’s skyline, the last thing that you want to do is block your views with blackout curtains. Clear window insulation films help control excessive heat build-up and allow you to enjoy uncompromised views of the outside.


If you would like to learn more about Residential Window Film, contact us today at (800) 483-9087 or visit Scorpion Window Film.

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    Is there a film that does both heat and cold?

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