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September 28, 2017
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Beautify your home with Window Film

Everyone wants a beautiful home. What better way to do it than with window tint. They are made for various reasons. For privacy, protection and appearance. In this article however, you will read about how to beautify your home with window film.

What is Home Window Film?

It is essentially a thin sheet that is placed on a window to improve the appearance of existing windows.

Why use Window Film?

Apart from increasing the authentic value of your home, window tint goes a long way to ensure you have privacy and improves energy efficiency. Check out automotive world for tips on window tinting.


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Window Film

Purpose- Before purchasing window film, know what purpose you are buying it for.

Installation-Installation is easy you can probably do it yourself but other times, the seller will have someone to help.

Shade or Color Options

They vary from clear and nearly invisible to black out or “limo tint”. There are others that are colored or infused with metal to reduce the amount of light that comes in. You are left to decide which one to use for reasons you best believe in.

All qualified installers will make recommendations to you based on what look you want to achieve.  Many will have sample swatches for you compare and contrast.   Sometimes the overall look may be your number 1 priority, but many films offer additional benefits such as heat rejection and UV rejection.

Decorative Purpose

Window tint used for decorative purposes is one of the thinnest in the market. It not only provides privacy and acts as a light barrier, but window tint’s major use is for decorative purposes around the home. If you want to get your home temporary looks say that stained, frosted or etched, window film is the way to go without necessarily having to replace a window.

Benefits of Tinting your Window

Creates a balance of temperature

Reduces heat

UV protector

Acts as an insulator

Acts as an anti-glare

Gives your home that custom look that sets it apart from other homes.

In addition to the above, window tint for your home extends the life of furnishings and rugs by blocking UV rays. This therefore makes the home have that personal touch.

So the next time you decide you want to redecorate your home, know what purpose you want to achieve with the window tint you want to purchase, the benefits that will come from installation of the window tint and also consider the factors listed above as pointers when purchasing. This will make your purchase easier and it will also save you time.

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