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January 9, 2018
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February 9, 2018
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Quality Window Tint Film

Window Film- The Low-Price Guarantee!


You see an ad from your local window film installer………. unbelievably low price.   Is your first thought to rush right in to take advantage of the deal?  Or do you stop and consider the offer?


To some degree, all of us are attracted by a low price because we want to work within a budget or will attempt to save the buck!


More often than not, when you see these deals, the quality of film is questionable at best.  The $99 tint job is usually a hint about the lack of a good quality window tint film being used.


Everyone has pulled to a stop light and noticed the car in front of them with purple windows

and 100’s of bubbles on the back glass, right? 


You do not want to be that person and neither does your car!


Every $99 tint job is not a bad thing.  There are shops that use extremely high-quality window tints and run true season specials. They might run these during their slow season, during the holidays, or to signify a company milestone.  But, they are not a shop a that operates off of cut-rate prices and installation.

These specials on good quality window tint film can be a great way to bring new clientele into your shop.  It can also open the eyes to someone that has never considered window film before.


Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of poor, inferior quality product available to tinting retailers at a

much cheaper price. A lot of the less than honest tinter’s use the poor quality film to save money

and increase their profit. Poor quality window film tint tends to de-laminate and change color, scratches very

easily and usually doesn’t come with any type of warranty against that. The best way to protect

yourself against this type of rip-off is ask to see a written copy of the warranty, and find out what it



Always be aware of who you are spending your hard-earned dollars with.  Research the shop and check their reviews to ensure you get a quality auto tint.  If they are doing cheap auto window tinting jobs, you will be able to find past customers that are happy to tell you about their bad experience.

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