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Security Film For The Home

Security Window film provides security from many dangers to life, limb and furnishings. It is a preventative so easily acquired yet strong enough to minimize damage from any flying glass shard projectiles, you cannot afford to ignore it.

Why it is Called Security Window Film

Security Window Film is a deterrent to would-be home intruders, protection from the average household accident, and guards you and your home’s interior against storm wind borne debris.  Security window film is designed to hold glass together if broken or damaged.  It also has a 99 percent UV rejection rate.  When this strong film is installed correctly, security film forces someone attempting to break through it to exhaust more time and energy to penetrate the window film slightly.  This makes it probable they will retreat in defeat.  In addition to the security value, this window film protects your home and family from costly accidents such as a ball accidentally hitting a window, or someone running through a closed glass door, thinking it is open.  With  home accidents or the terrible winds of violent storms bringing trees and objects from the neighborhood into a smashing contact with your windows or door glass, security window film is designed to prevent shards of glass flying like projectiles and causing grievous injuries and damage.

Insurance Premium Rated Favorably

Home insurance carriers rate homes with Security Window Film on their exposed glass as they lower-rate their premiums for having smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.  That is the vote of confidence the insurance industry gives to the security window film for its additional lifesaving capabilities. Contact your insurance carrier now to confirm the savings you will realize by protecting your own home and the lives of your family.  It is a win-win situation. You cannot afford to neglect this preventative.

Security Film must be installed properly to adequately  prevent your home’s glass windows or door glass from becoming deadly glass shard projectiles.  The thinner, more fragile window films are for mostly decorative appearances and sometimes to reduce sun damage to a home’s furniture. Security  film will hold broken glass together when breached, and prevent bodily injury and additional property damage due to broken glass.

Tools to Remove Security Window Film

Some thin and easily broken window films do not require tools to remove it, and you can pick at  its corner with a mere finger nail and peel the film from the glass.  Removing Security Film requires some basic tools to correctly remove window film from any glass surface.

  • A large basic razor blade, stainless steel. We recommend stainless steel razor blades, because stainless steel won’t scratch glass easily.
  •  Triumph 6″ wide scraper and some stainless steel Triumph blades are necessary for big jobs.

Removing Window Film

Using the above referenced tools you can peel away the security grade film. For thin films, it may come off in two or three pieces, but usually the security  film comes off  in one flowing sheet. Some adhesive residue may remain on your glass, but with the razor blade it can be removed by carefully applying warm soapy water to the window film. For tough residues and to expedite the film adhesive removal, you can apply a good spray adhesive remover. Once all of the adhesive is cleaned from the glass, thoroughly clean your window once more.

Contact your Scorpion Window Film dealer today for a free consultation and estimate to secure your home’s glass. It is a call you will never regret.

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