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Security Window Film and Your Home

Home Window Security Film Can Help You Feel Safer

Sometimes windows just don’t get enough credit. You may not realize it, but windows are actually one of the most important pieces of your home or business!


They are also one of the most susceptible areas in your property when it comes to break-ins.


For this reason, you should consider treating your windows like you would your own skin… and by this we mean that you should invest in methods of protection to prevent future damage.


  • Severe weather protection.
    •      hurricane, tornadoes
  • Deflects heat and blocks UV rays up to 99%
  • Privacy and peace of mind.


An “unprotected” window without home window security film can cause damage to the inside of your property by letting in harmful UV rays. In addition, an unprotected window with no security window tint gives a thief an easy way to break in and steal items from your property.

What should you do?

What about adding shutters or curtains to block the view into your property? Will this offer your windows the right amount of protection? Shutters and curtains can stop a burglar from looking into your property, but they won’t offer enough protection against broken glass, should a break in occur. Also, when left closed, most curtains/shutters will block out a lot of the sun’s light, creating a depressing and “stuffy” environment.

The benefits of home window security film

Security window tint allows you to protect your home and your windows without having to miss out on daylight. Home window security film can also act as undetectable guard, helping you feel safe and sound in the comfort of your home or business.  More specifically, Scorpion Window Film can protect you from being injured by shards of glass that result from attempted robbery or vandalism. Our home window security film is composed of protective layers that not only enhance security by preventing flying glass, but, will also reduce the cost of your energy bills.

If at first they don’t succeed…

The adhesive on our security window tint has an exceptional amount of strength so it can withstand heavy pressure and impact. As you know, burglars aren’t really known for having a high level of patience (due to the fact they don’t want to get caught). So, if he/she is having a hard time breaking in on their first or second attempt, they will more than likely give up and move on.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to security at their home or business. Based on where you live and the level of security you desire, you can take several preventative measures to help you and your loved ones feel safer.  Getting security window tint installed is definitely one of the best measures to take.  Contact us to find a security window tint film installer near you!

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