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March 23, 2018
Reasons For Window Film
April 6, 2018
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What Window Film Can Do For Your Business

The demand for window film (according to Reynolds and Reynolds Company and AddOnAuto.com mid-year trend report in auto accessories in 2015):


  • In the first six months of 2015, window tinting became more popular for consumers. Window tint moved up as the second highest volume accessory s

    old by dealers, and in the top five in profit.

  • In the western region of the U.S., tint moved up to the second most popular accessory sold, due to heat and sun. In the Midwest, window tint moved up into the top five.
  • Accessory sales are currently a $40 billion market. Consumers consistently spend heavily on vehicle accessories including window tint, floor mats, custom paint, and more.
  • Not only do nine out of ten consumers purchase accessories for their vehicles, six out of ten spend at least $1,500 on accessories. Majority of consumers will buy accessories within the first 90 days of purchasing their vehicle.


What Fixed Ops Magazine is saying:



  • Personalization of vehicles is a multibillion dollar industry.
  • Offering films is not only profitable. It’s a simple fact that a large amount percentage of customers will go out and purchase these items. It may as well be your store accommodating their desire to do so. One stop shop!
  • By offering your customers the best films with a qualified, professional and certified installer/ provider, you will also give your customer another reason to be glad they did business with you, and to return to you for their next vehicle. And, of course, to purchase more film/accessories on those vehicles as well.

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