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June 8, 2017
Flat Glass Will Grow Your Film Business-Part 2
June 19, 2017
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Is a Vinyl Plotter Machine Right for Your Film Shop?


Let’s face it, doing what you love for a profession can prove to be tough when you cut your film by hand.  You have to worry about mistakes and waist while trying to increase productivity which will boost your profits.  If you find your window tinting business struggling to meet your income goals each month you may want to consider purchasing a vinyl plotter machine.

Window tinting no doubt is a booming business as more and more new customers join those that benefits from tinted window film. Happy customers not only become return customers but they also provide referrals to their friends and family members.

Tinted window film provides:

  • Privacy from prying eyes,
  • Interior protection from damaging UV rays that fade and damage the car’s interior
  • Reduce heat from the sun, keeping vehicles cooler
  • Window film on the side and rear car windows also provide a layer of protection if the glass should break, as it keeps most of the glass in one piece verses multitudes of small loose pieces of glass, and works much like the windshield do if it breaks.

Benefits of using a Vinyl Plotter Machine

  • Increase productivity
  • Lower costs
  • Lower waist
  • Design and create new  logos
  • Design multi-layered designs
  • Increase your businesses profits
  • Create banners, signs, and decals

You can’t go wrong with purchasing a vinyl plotter machine for your window tinting business.  Improve your business growth with more productivity, lower costs and waist, while growing your business with layered designs.

You can find the right vinyl film cutter, film plotter, and software for your business, by contacting one of our highly trained technicians here at Scorpion. We pride ourselves in helping you and your business grow.  Why limit your business income growth doing film cutting the hard way? Contact us today for more information and see if a film plotter may be right for your business. You can also learn more about how to Save Time with a Window Tint Plotter.

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