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Film Plotter For Your Tint Shop

Put Time back in your Pocket


Time is money. If you are in the business of tinting


A window tinting film plotter and cutter is the right choice for you.


In this age where technology is everything and is everywhere, you need to keep up with trends. Efficient, clean, and minimizes waste are 3 ways a window tinting film plotter and cutter will improve your shop.


What is a Film Plotter?


A window tinting film plotter and cutter is a printer with computerized functions that is used for printing vector graphics. It is an important piece of equipment for anyone in the tinting business.  A window tinting film plotter and cutter will eliminate the need for hand cutting your film for installations.

How nice would it be to load a roll of film, program the computer, and go to work on a different project to return a few minutes later and find the car that is ready to be tinted has the film cut out and ready to install?


How a Film Plotter Works


A window tinting film plotter and cutter uses technology that can be referred to as repetitive technology to replicate the same pattern every time.


This technology is so advanced it cuts dimensions that are similar.  Design and patterns are consistent hence enhancing the quality of the product. This technology helps eliminate mistakes that would have otherwise been done by human. The film plotter can go as far as reading registration marks and further cut out pre-printed graphic. A window tinting film plotter makes work easy since there is no need for cutting film by hand.


Advantages of Using a Film Plotter


Speed- Plotters are designed to increase speed when you are working. The software makes your work easier since you are only required to feed in the information you need and the film plotter does the rest. As the film is being cut, you have free time to work on other projects or have a cup of coffee.

Productivity- What comes to mind when you think of a job well done? You probably thought accuracy and speed. These two aspects are very vital when you are doing a job. The faster you do a job, the faster you finish and the more work load you handle at any given time. Accuracy on the other hand, ensures that you have done the right way and will keep customer coming back.


Environmentally Friendly- When it comes to waste, more is NOT better.  Plotters use state of the art technology to ensure the maximum efficiency of your film and get the most from the roll.  The software places the patterns firmly together to maximize the film.


What a Plotter will do for you and your Business?


A plotter was essentially developed to make your work easier. That said, the speed and accuracy that comes with the film plotter saves time and money for you and your business and as a ripple effect you will have good returns for your investment.


The Investment

A solid entry point plotter for your tint shop can start out as low $2800.  If you run a higher volume shop, you might want to consider one with a few additional “bells and whistles”.  Each step up, you will find additional features for efficiency and usability.  Ultimately, as your tint shop grows and turns out more cars each day, the right investment can make the pains of growth easier. In our next entry, we will discuss how window film cutters can help bring in additional savings for your business.

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