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4 Tips for Summer Time Car Survival

Tips To Ensure That Your Car Survives Summer

Cars are also affected by the extreme summer temperatures just like peoples and animals. It’s therefore essential to know some car survival techniques that will not only help you during the entire season but also leave your vehicle in a stable condition. Discussed here are some of them:


Keep Your Transmission and Engine Cool

Most automobile engines tend to overheat during summer, and it’s the job of the cooling systems to prevent these transmissions. Additionally, the coolants prevent the internal components against wear and tear. If your car does not have a proper cooling system, the engine odds will be damaged.


Still, during summer, the engine coolant easily gets contaminated hence depleting the protection additives. For maximum care, ensure that periodically flush the system with the recommended coolant.


Service Your Tires Regularly

Riding on under-inflated wheels during summer does not only affect your vehicles braking and handling system, but also makes the increases the heat and causes a blowout. To prevent this, ensure that your regularly service your tires.


If you use your car for more than 12 hours per day, makes sure that you have it checked on a daily basis. Your professional car care provider should inspect your car tire treads and check out for any uneven wear signs that might show an alignment or suspension issue.


Check Out The Fluids Level

Engine fluids ensure that your car operates smoothly. Although most of the fluids used to lubricate the internal parts, they can also be used to cool the internal car parts and other critical components. The cooling effects become low when the fluids levels become significantly low. You should, therefore, routinely inspect the levels of transmission fluid, brake fluid, motor oil and power steering fluid.


Improve The Air Conditioning

Maintaining a relaxed and comfortable car environment helps in reducing fatigue which is common during summer. You can improve the interior temperature by installing a better refrigerant system. The best way is to involve a certified car care technician to enhance the cooling system.


Even after taking the necessary preventive car care measures, summer breakdowns may still happen. To be on the safe side, always make sure that you carry a well-stocked kit in your car. The package should have water, emergency beacon, road flares, jumper cables, first aid kit as well as the necessary hand tools.

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