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April 27, 2021
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May 12, 2021
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Do Your Business Partners Care

Do Your Business Partners Care? 


It is amazing to think how our World has changed since March of 2020.  First it was toilet paper and then sanitizer and disinfectant.  Then lumber and home goods… and so on.  Lumber prices in Indiana are now 3 to 4 times more expensive than before the pandemic.  What about our industry….the automotive aftermarket accessories?  Yep, we have been affected as well.  Some in good ways, others in bad.  Once stimulus dollars started hitting bank accounts, people started upgrading their vehicles.  Supply chains still don’t seem to be quite normal.   


There is a constant challenge of getting anything in the United States from overseas.  Whether stand down periods before entry into ports or lack of workers in the ports, everything is STILL out of whack.  

The World that is trying to recover from COVID looks different to me.  Every little thing seems to be an acceptable excuse for lack of product.  


Why am I saying all this?  It is not acceptable at Scorpion HQ.  We are continually seeing longer lead times for raw materials and prices increases and longer delivery time for products.  Basically, if you are in business, you are going to pay more and in turn expect less.  




We have seen multiple surge price increases, delivery price increases, and other prices increases that are simply gouging.  In turn your only option is to pass these costs on to the customer.  We have not done this and do not plan to do this.  Our customer base is comprised of a huge variety of businesses.  Mom and Pop shops, manufacturing, auto dealerships to name a few, but the majority of day to day customers are brick and mortar locations that would struggle to pay and manage and large increase in product cost.  We are weathering storm for them.  


We are here for our partners.  I think we have proved this since the onset of the COVID crisis.  We stayed open, we shipped window film, we shipped bed liner.  We also used our knowledge to help our customer through the process of apply for loans and grants for the government when the pandemic was at its peak.  Not an easy time for a small business with one or 2 employees that are constantly at work for them to find time to research and seek out government assistance.


We will continue to be here for our partners and other businesses that want to work with a company that cares.  Give us a call and see if we have something for you and your business.

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