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August 25, 2020
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Mirror Window Film


Spirit Series

Mirror Tint or Mirror Window Film is a popular option for commercial businesses.  It gives a classy look and clean finish.  

With the classy look, the mirror window film still performs the normal features of any window film.  

Heat reject

Blocks up to 99% of UV rays

Reduce energy cost

Reduces Glare


The features of the mirror film is why people tend to search for any type of window film to begin with.  They have problems within their place of business, homes, or offices that are receiving a high dose of the sun’s rays and they would like to cut it back.  Covering the opening with a curtain or blind is not the first choice because they want the open felling of the window.    


The heat that radiates into a room or office can put additional burden on your heating and air conditioning units.   Film stabilizes the temperature for longer periods of time and reduces the load on your HVAC system.   The stability in room temperatures not only reduces the HVAC load, but it also lowers those nasty heating and cooling bills.    


Spirit Series


The Scorpion Window Film Spirit Series is the perfect fit for those looking for the benefits and performance features mentioned above.  Spirit Series is a dual reflective design that performs all these benefits while enhancing the view.  The natural earth tone of this film is decorative and offers fabulous optical clarity.   


Spirit Series is a favorite accessory for modern architecture.  It compliments nearly all of today’s trends and themes.  Do not worry if you are settled into your own home, it is not for only new construction.  It can be applied to most architectural windows of home and offices.  


Scorpion Spirit Series is available in a variety of VLT’s.  VLT stands for visual light transmission……basically, how much light is the film letting in.  The higher the number, to lighter the film.  The lower number, the darker the film.   The Spirit 5% is the darkest VLT offered in this line of film.  The 45% is the lightest film offered in this line.  

Spirit Series come in 5%, 15%, 25%, 35%, 45%.

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