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The Scorpion Family of Products

The Scorpion Family of Products


Why partner with Scorpion?  We offer top quality products at prices that allows you to make the money.  Our partners are made up of businesses from around the world.  Our products are used in small businesses up to multi million dollar manufacturing centers and everything in between.  

Truck Bed Liners

Scorpion is and always will be a truck bed liner.  XO2 is our staple product and even though we have grown to offer cartridge and high pressure systems, the XO2 remains the preferred choice for applicators because of its extreme versatility and durability.


Batch mix

Quick start up

Low start up cost

The best color stability of anything on the market


Easy Start up

Quick Dry

Simple Equipment

High Pressure

Quick dry

No hand mixing, machine does it for you

Return to service sooner


As a bed liner company, we offer everything you could want for spraying bed liner and protective coatings.   No matter what the surface you have we have a method and product for you.  Our bed liner material has been used for over 25 years around the world and is now extremely prevalent in EMS and fire truck manufacturing.  If our coating is strong enough for fire trucks, I bet it will take good care of your truck bed.

Window Film


Scorpion Window Film is a full line of automotive commercial, architectural film.  We have lifetime warranty film that is made from only the best raw materials.

The full line of automotive and flat glass film can be found here.

With a strong reputation in the film industry, Hexis Film Products choose to partner with Scorpion as an American distributor of their BodyFence line of PPF and the antimicrobial film PureZone.  As a partner with Hexis, we have access to their state of the art testing center and technological advancements.


Scorpion Pro Epoxy is relatively new in the Epoxy Market.  But our partnership with PowerCoat Canada is not.  With a 20 plus year history with Terry and his team, they pushed our relationship toward the epoxy market based on their positive success. Once the we put our toe in the water, there was no looking back.  Scorpion offers numerous start up options to fill any need as you get started in the epoxy world.

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