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May 12, 2021
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May 20, 2021
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We Got Window Film 

We Got Window Film 


As the world tries to get back on track and move on from the chaos that COVID has caused, one thing we have seen is many film suppliers are low or even out of film.  


That is not a problem here at Scorpion HQ.  We have film and we have lots of it.  The Scorpion Window Film decision makers have gone the extra mile to ensure that our customers would have access to the window film they need as the shortage sets in.  


This shortage is now setting in as we have seen many of our competitors run out of film to sell.  Scorpion Window Film wanted to avoid being in this position.  We have customers that depend on us for products that allow them to support their business and families.  


That is a great position to be in when others answer the phone and say…. Sorry, we are out!  Certainly better to be where we are and not where some of our competitors are.  


What does this mean?  


It means that you need products to make money to support your shop and family.  We have products and more importantly, WE HAVE FILM that will allow you to do just that!   The Scorpion Window brand has a history of top performance and even better customer service.  The majority of the our window films carry a lifetime warranty and offer outstanding heat rejection properties and solar rejection.  If you. have film installed, you will want it to look great, but you also want the performance that you can feel.   The feeling of being protected and safe behind tinted window offers a piece of mind that normal glass does not.  

Safety from harmful UV rays, safety from Sun glare, safety from shards of glass in the event of an accident.    Another added benefit will be the privacy that it offers.  Movie stars and celebrities pay top dollar for privacy ( at-least some do that are’t attention starved and alert the paparazzi when the will move).  Privacy is priceless.

What is the bottom line?  We have film!  We have numerous lines of film and the full array of VLT’s to pick from.  For those that need window film, give us call.  We got you covered.


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