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August 21, 2020
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Window Film Facts

Just like any industry, the Window Film Market is no different when it comes to facts, myths, legends, and wise tails.


The line between fact and fiction can be extremely grey. Sometimes they cross over to each side depending on how the facts and statistics are swayed. With a grey area that is wide and far reaching, you can bet that you will see many stats that are presented as cold hard facts, but would tend to lend credence to the narrative of the producer.  



Window film is the number one automotive accessory.


UV protection- everything will eventually lose the battle with the Sun.  Always! But that doesn’t mean you can’t slow down the process considerably.   


Glare Reduction- The best way I can describe this is it is like putting sunglasses on your windows.  Especially, if you have an eye brow installed on the windshield.  (NOTE: windshield tint is illegal in most states and for good reason……limited visibility.)  But, an eye brow is perfectly legal and performs amazingly well.  




Privacy and security Increase

Darker windows offer an increase in privacy and security.  Everyone wants privacy right?  Have you ever seen a limousine that had windows that you see the occupants?  No right!!! 

Privacy is great and with that privacy, you increase your security by not allowing prying eyes a path into your world and belongings.  


I promise it is COOL!  


Yes, it rejects heat and other harmful effects of the Sun.  So, it does keep you cooler, but it will make your car or vehicle cool!  Looking at two vehicles that are exactly the same, but one has tinted windows and the other doesn’t…..which one do you think will look better?  



Contrary to popular belief, window film does not break the bank to have it professionally installed.  There are extremely high end window films, in my opinion, the benefit does not justify the means.  Unless of course you have J-Lo money to pass around.  But the added benefit are only minuscule points above other lines of film that are much easier on the bank account. 


Thinking about having film installed?  Give us a call and let us help you make the decision that is best for you and we can help you find a window film installer near you!  (800) 483-9087

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