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November 14, 2017
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Get Involved With Your Local Community

Building your brand!

So you have a brick and mortar store front and you are not getting the traffic you need to grow your window film business. The 1st question I would ask is….


Are you involved in your community?


Getting involved with community organizations can greatly increase you brand awareness, your customer base, and improve your standing in the community.  All of these are important in growing your window film business.


In some cases, your services might not be known to the community.  There may be advantages that potential customers don’t even know about?  Involvement


can lead to the opportunity to educate them on your service that would not have otherwise happened.




  • Non-profit boards

  • General networking

  • Donate to a charity in your community

  • Challenge your staff

  • Youth Sports Teams

  • Be creative


Does your window film business offer services that would fit in with a local school class or vocational center?  This is a fabulous way to get involved.  It gains brand awareness and will lead to brand advocates.  Another by-product of this type of program is that in can lead to future employees.



The reasons to get involved in your local community are endless……. advantages are endless……but more than anything else, you will fell good about what you have done.    While the immediate return might be hard to measure, the long-term rewards will be numerous.

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