Window Tinting Sunroofs – Everything to Know
March 16, 2023
Window Tinting Sunroofs – Everything to Know
March 16, 2023
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National Window Film Day – April 30th

The ninth annual National Window Film Day is on April 30th, 2023. National Window Film Day is a day of public education that is focused on window film as a cost-effective solution to reducing energy costs in homes, protecting ourselves from the harmful effects of the suns’s UV rays, protecting home furniture and decor, and promoting window glass safety.

Here at Scorpion Window Film headquarters, we have already celebrated “our holiday” by reaching out to the Governor and requesting the State of Indiana to recognize this important date as a state holiday, as well. We have good news to report, Eric J. Holcomb, Governor of the State of Indiana, did hereby proclaim April 30th, 2023 as Window Film Day in the State of Indiana.


Residential window film, when professionally installed on existing windows, helps ensures safe and secure environments for your home, public buildings and retail establishments and provides significant savings on heating and cooling. Scorpion home window tint will help eliminate excessive heat and help control excessive cold by getting the temperature under control without the need for costly drapes and window treatments that can block your view. Window tinting blocks out some visible light, which reduces glare, eye strain and interior fading. Protecting against UVA and UVB rays helps prevent skin cancer, premature aging and other skin conditions. Infrared rays are the primary source of heat in sunlight, so filtering them out improves thermal comfort and reduces air conditioning costs.

Scorpion offers four Architectural Film lines and one Decorative line, as follows:

Spirit: The Spirit Series is a dual reflective window film, commonly referred to as mirrored window film. With a natural earth tone, Spirit’s dual reflective feature offers privacy, exceptional heat rejection, and glare control that is perfect for today’s residential market. Spirit offers a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejected) rating of up to 78%, decreasing overall energy costs and improving HVAC efficiency. 5%, 15%, 25% AND 35% VLT’s are available in the Spirit series.






Vision: The Vision Series is a sputtered neutral, privacy window film, with a soft solar gray color. Vision provides a great natural aesthetic, enhanced privacy, exceptional heat rejection, and glare control, offering a low-reflectivity option for your home or business. Designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy, as well as protecting your flooring, furnishings, and family from the sun’s damaging UV rays. The Vision series offers 20%, 35% and 55% VLT options.






Mirage: The Mirage Series is a silver reflective, privacy window film, providing a futuristic, metallic look. Mirage offers excellent glare reduction and solar protection in areas of extreme heat. Mirage is the perfect window film option for today’s most modern commercial and residential market. With a TSER of up to 76%, this film line is an excellent option to help provide maximum heat rejection. The Mirage series offers 20% and 40% VLT options.






Flare: The Flare Series is a bronze reflective, privacy window film, creating a distinctive high-end finish that will enhance the overall curb appeal of any home or business. With a warm copper tone, Flare offers exceptional performance, privacy, and glare control. With an IRR (Infared Rejection) of 93% this series was designed with your overall comfort in mind. The Flare Series offers 20% and 35% VLT options.






Celebrate National Window Film Day by getting protective window film installed where you need it most.  Check out our awesome line of automotive and architectural window film today or give us a call for more info at (765) 653-1736.

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