3 Ways to Buy Scorpion Window Film

Whether you have a small tint shop or you’re a large distributor, no matter your size we want to be your partner in the Window Film industry. Thank you for your interest in Scorpion Window Film.


If you are looking to have your vehicle or home/business tinted with Scorpion Window Film and would like a quote, please contact your local tint or automotive accessory dealer and ask for Scorpion Window Film.  Click here to find an installer near you.

Option 1

Contact Your Local Distributor

If you are a window tinting film installer and looking to add or switch to Scorpion Window Film, contact your local Scorpion Distribution location. Each has a knowledgeable and friendly sales team that will get you started with Scorpion.

Option 2

Buy Direct From Scorpion

If you are a window tinting film installer and there is not a distribution location in your area, you can purchase Scorpion Window Film directly from Scorpion. Simply fill out a contact form, tell us which type of bulk window tint you are interested in and a member of our sales staff will contact you shortly.

Option 3

Become a Scorpion Distributor

Are you wanting to start selling window film or expand your current film lines? Scorpion provides you with quality window tinting film products plus lead generation, technical support and product availability. Contact Scorpion today and see how we can help you grow your business.