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How to Cut Your Energy Costs in 2023
January 11, 2023
Window Tinting Sunroofs – Everything to Know
March 16, 2023
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Best Car Wrap Window Film

A car wrap film is an excellent way to change the look of your vehicle to give it an amazing look.

Your vehicle windows are exposed to different external elements, including UV rays, that can transform their look. Like window tints, car wrap window film can protect your interior and passengers from harsh external elements like UV rays. Scorpion wrap film protects your vehicle from these elements to keep them looking pristine.

Reasons to Install Car Wrap Window Film

If you love your car, you’ll do anything to keep it looking in great shape. This is especially the case regarding its paint job and windows.

Like a paint job, your car window says much about your vehicle. It is among the first things people notice when looking at your vehicle. And much like the paint job, a vehicle with great-looking windows is a darling to everyone and will command respect anywhere you drive.

One way to improve the look of your car windows is to install car wrap window film. Another great option is installing car window tint film. While both options are great, this article focuses on vehicle wrap window film.  

The best car wrap window film has many benefits for your vehicle, including the following:

Transform Your Vehicle

Vehicle wrap window film will come in handy if you want to change the look of your vehicle but don’t want to use window tint films.

Ideally, you can remove window wrap from your vehicle windows anytime you want to return to your original look. The best part is that the window wrap film won’t damage your car windows.

Fade Protection

Most window tints fade from 90 percent to 70 percent within five years after installation. Of course, this depends on the quality of the tint installed and how it is installed.  

On the other hand, high-quality car wrap window film is more durable and will protect your windows for up to 10 years. Again, this depends on the quality and material of the window wrap film and the quality of installation.

If you choose a high-quality window wrap film for your vehicle and have it installed by highly qualified installers, it can even last beyond its durability period.  

Budget Friendly

Looking at the results of a perfect car wrap, one may get the impression that the procedure is extremely costly. However, this isn’t the case. Car window wrap films are an affordable way to improve the look of your vehicle.

The amount you will pay to get a vehicle window wrap will depend on the material you choose and the design.

In some cases, and considering its durability, car wrap window film may be more affordable than a tint film.

Wide Range of Options

Sometimes what you want to achieve may not be possible by applying window tints.

However, with vehicle window wraps, you have limitless options to select from to achieve your idea. Whether it’s a unique color or a specific design, car window wraps are up to the task.

You should opt for this option if you want to achieve unique results that are out of this world.

Increased Durability

As stated, car window films might lose effectiveness within five years of application. Car window wrap film is more durable and protects your windows from chips you encounter when driving around.

It protects your windows from scratches and minor damage from chips or dings.

Depending on the wrap you choose, how it’s installed, and how well you maintain it, it can last up to 10 years.

Sometimes the wrap can get damaged due to these external elements, but your vehicle windows will remain intact.

Maintain Overall Vehicle Value

Even if you don’t plan to sell your vehicle, it’s best to maintain or improve its overall value. Luckily, a vehicle wrap is a great way to achieve this.

The vehicle engine and how it runs aren’t the only things determining its value. The look of the vehicle plays a key role as well. Vehicle wrap window films protect your vehicle interior from the damaging sun to retain its value.

Key Elements of a Great Vehicle Wrap

A lot of work goes into having a perfect vehicle wrap. Here are crucial elements for an effective and lasting car wrap:

Vehicle Condition

The quality of the vehicle surface to be wrapped is a crucial element of the best car wrap.

As a rule of thumb, ensure that your vehicle windows are well-cleaned and don’t have cracks. In other words, your car’s surface should be in great condition.

A car wrap adheres to the surface where it is installed. For instance, when installing a body wrap, you should ensure that the surface is rust-free to get a perfect installation.

Likewise, your windows should not have cracks and be clean and dry before installing car wrap window film. Failure to do this will lead to bubble formation and less-pleasant window wrap installation results.  

To avoid this, ensure your vehicle windows are in great shape before getting the wrap.


Another thing that determines the quality of the car wrap is the quality of the material used.

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on low-quality wrap material that will peel and fade after some time.

There are different vinyl wrap materials with varying quality. The results you get will depend on the quality of the material you choose and how it’s installed.

Apart from peeling and fading, a low-quality vinyl wrap can damage your vehicle when removed. This is not the case with a high-quality vehicle wrap.

In addition, high-quality material will do a great job of protecting your vehicle from UV rays and other environmental stressors.


Another key element of the best vehicle wraps is the size. Ideally, car window wraps come in various sizes, depending on the project.

Before you order the window wrap film, you should first determine the size of the surface you want to wrap and then choose a wrap that exceeds those dimensions. After all, it’s best for the material to remain rather than not having enough to complete the project.


As stated, you have many different color options when choosing the best car window wrap color. Depending on the manufacturer, you have a variety of shades to choose from for a custom vehicle wrap.

And not just color; you can choose between different textures for a perfect finish. The options are endless; it all depends on your personal preference and safety.

Vehicle Preparation

Even if you choose a high-quality vinyl wrap material, if the vehicle surface isn’t well-prepared, you won’t get the desired results.

A good installer knows this, but it doesn’t hurt to know, just in case they forget. Although this process is time-consuming, it’s a necessary step that will determine the quality of your window wrap job.

Among other things, your vehicle windows should be clean, wax free, and dry. The wrap adhesive may fail and lift if the windows are not well-cleaned and dried.

Vehicle Wrapping Facility

Regardless of your car wrap film, if you don’t choose the right vehicle wrap facility, you won’t get the best results.

The most notable thing here is where the actual location installation will take place – is it indoors or outdoors? The best place to install vehicle wrap is indoors in a dust-free facility.

If your wrap is installed outdoors, you should not expect great results because there’s no way to avoid a significant amount of dust particles from impacting your installation.

Even the tiniest dust particles will show underneath the wrap, and having numerous of them will significantly impact the quality of the car window wrap job.

Even if your vehicle is wrapped indoors, the facility must be extremely clean, and the temperatures should not be extreme. High temperatures will lead to over-stretching and wrap failure over time, while low temperatures will shrink vinyl and ultimately fail when exposed to high temperatures.


The quality of your car wrap window film is as good as the installers.

No matter how well you do on the above, you won’t get the desired results if the installation is not to par. This last step will determine your car window wrap results.

Fortunately, Scorpion vinyl wrap installers are highly experienced in car wrap installation and will guarantee a perfect window wrap.

Our installers will not just install the wrap but will also trim the wrap to give a perfect outcome.

Choosing the Best Car Vinyl Wrap Film Shop

The quality of the car wrap you choose is as good as the shop you get it from. To get the best car wrap film, you must get it from a reputable car wrap film shop.

Here are qualities to look out for in a vehicle wrap film shop:

High-Quality Vehicle Wrap Installation Services

Your vehicle deserves the best. Before you choose a car wrap film shop, you must ensure that they can provide the best services.

The best way to know this is by looking at the projects the shop has offered to other customers. You can get this from the wrapped vehicles they post on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook or shows they participate in. For example, Scorpion recently exhibited at the SEMA 2022 show, where it showcased its paint coatings and tint products.

If you’re satisfied with their work, move to the next step.

Custom Wrap Design Capabilities

You want a vehicle wrap shop to make your dream a reality, right? Then you must choose a car wrap shop with unlimited design options.

At the least, don’t go for a car wrap shop that offers just basic jobs. Instead, go for installers that can customize your wrap installation to give unique and excellent results.

Scorpion has the skills, experience, and tools to provide truly customized installations to give a perfect car window wrap.

Custom Designs and Materials

Whether you need a color change or custom wrap like an animal skin wrap, you should choose a shop with a wide variety of custom design car wraps and materials.

The best thing about working with such a shop is that it provides a wide range of options and guarantees that you achieve what you envision.

Whether you need animal print wraps or an uber-unique wrap, working with a shop that can produce your custom designs is ideal.

Great Indoor Installation Facility

As stated, dust and extreme temperatures (too high or low) will impact the quality of your wrap window film. The installation must be done in a dust-free, temperature-controlled indoor environment for better results.

At Scorpion, we have state-of-the-art installation facilities to ensure that our installations are perfect. This, alongside our highly-experienced installers and high-quality car wrap window film, make us your ideal choice.

Install the Best Car Wrap Window Film

Car wrap window films offer the best way to transform the look of your windows and your entire vehicle. However, to achieve this, you must choose a high-quality vehicle wrap window film that meets your requirements.

Scorpion offers the best vinyl car wraps in various colors and finishes. In addition, we have highly knowledgeable and experienced vehicle wrap installers that will help design, prepare, and install vinyl wrap film on your vehicle’s windows for a perfect look.

Contact us today for the best car wrap window film and outstanding installation.

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