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September 22, 2022
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How to Cut Your Energy Costs in 2023


Keeping the lights on isn’t cheap! With the huge rise in inflation and cost of goods, this year will be no exception.

There are many ways to help reduce your energy costs this year, some are easy fixes and a couple require a professional to help you out. A few easy fixes that you can deal with on your own is to go around the house and check all the seals around your windows and doors. If you can see the any light coming through, chances are high that you will need to add a bit of caulking or weather-stripping around those areas.

One of the most effective and easiest ways to reduce electricity consumption and save on your monthly power bill is to have energy-efficient film installed on the windows around your house. More of your home’s energy is lost through its windows than through any other source, with over 50% of heating and cooling costs attributed with loss of energy through home windows. Window film dramatically improves the insulation value of glass, in most cases, window film can give a single-pane window the same insulating power as double-paned glass. As heat tries to escape through windows, window film will reflect it back into the room retaining interior heat and resulting in lower heating costs.  Window film can actually improve a window’s insulating properties by up to 92%!

Home window tinting is an easy and cost-efficient alternative to replacing and upgrading the window panes themselves. Instead of spending thousands to replace deteriorating and damaged windows, you can have quick and professional installation of window tint at a fraction of the cost! By reducing the heat, glare and UV rays generated by the sun, window tint will help lower your energy costs year-round. With energy-efficient window films installed on your home’s windows, you can expect to see a payoff from your reduced energy bills in just two to five years.  It truly offers a remarkable return on your investment!

Scorpion Spirit series window film provides a dual reflective design that performs from the outside while enhancing the view from the inside. With a natural earth tone, Spirit is not only decorative, but offers exceptional heat rejection and glare control that is perfect for today’s residential architecture. Designed to improve the comfort inside your home or business, Spirit decreases overall energy costs and improves HVAC efficiency. Scorpion Spirit Series offers up to an 80% TSER rating. TSER stands for Total Solar Energy Rejected, this describes the total amount of solar energy (UV+ visible + IR) that is blocked or rejected from passing through the window.

Installing window film is not only energy and cost-efficient, but it’s safer, too! UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation) refers to the amount of UV rays that can penetrate through the window film.  This is one portion of the total solar energy spectrum which greatly contributes to your risk for skin cancer. Untreated windows may only block 25% of UV rays. With Spirit series home window film you can reduce your UV rays by up to 99%, significantly reducing the risk of skin cancer as well as protecting your furniture, floors and family heirlooms by reducing premature fading and slowing the deterioration of your homes furnishings.

So as winter continues to set in and you’re getting the house ready for this winter season, give window film a try. It’s a smart, simple, effective way to drive down costs by keeping the heat in this winter and keeping it out the following summer.


Another easy way to cut costs on your energy savings this year is to give that thermostat a little nudge down. Set your thermostat back 10 degrees or so, when you know you will be away from home for awhile or even while you are snuggled up in your blanket while you sleep. While you are turning back the dial on your thermostat, go ahead and adjust your water heater temperature, as well. The default setting on most water heaters is around 140 degrees, reducing that down by 20 degrees to 120, can reduce your costs by up to 10%. You can also turn your water heater to the lowest setting while you are gone to conserve even more usage.

Happy National Cut Your Energy Cost Day!!

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