For Auto



Scorpion Window Films are designed to provide maximum heat rejection, glare reduction, and color stability.



Our films are a great choice for factory matching colors with multiple shades to give your ride the look you want.



Scorpion protects your vehicle's interior and but more importantly it blocks out harmful UV rays.

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For Residential



Scorpion films allow you to feel more comfortable in you home by allowing light to come in but blocks the heat and the glare.



Boost your home's curb appeal with visually stunning films from Scorpion



Our high performance films can block up to 80% o the sun's solar energy which helps reduce your utility costs.

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Here are what some of our customers say about us

  • Jeff VanHorn
    It’s just a wonderful company, great people, and a fantastic product. The customer service is probably the best I have ever seen in this industry in 25 years.  It’s been a wonderful find.
    Jeff VanHorn
    VanHorn Tint
  • Tom Hauser
    Using Scorpion Architectural Films has increased our company’s profit margin without sacrificing quality for our clients. Switching to Scorpion as a supplier was the best decision we have made!
    Tom Hauser
    SMC Film Company
  • Jordan Dane
    Scorpion Window Films are easy to install and let us give our customers a window tint with a solid warranty. We install it, and don’t have to worry about it coming back to us. The Predator lets us stay competitive when price is a factor, and the King Pro allows us to up-sell the customer when heat reduction is desired.
    Jordan Dane
    Tint Town