Scorpion Million Dollar Giveaway

Here at Scorpion, we are on a mission to help our customers grow their businesses.  There are so many opportunities to explore, but one really stands out from the rest – Residential Film Installation!

Scorpion has developed a program that allows customers to enter into the high profit market of architectural and residential film installation – FOR FREE!  We are giving away $1000 in training, tools, and marketing materials to the first 1000 customers who want to grow their business.  On top of that, each customer will receive special window film pricing too.

What other company out there is going to offer $1000 in training, tools and marketing materials, and lower film costs – all the while bringing customers an average return on investment of over 500%?!

Scorpion’s Flat Glass Program


The most lucrative opportunity in the window film industry is flat glass installations or installing film on homes and businesses. What we are looking to do is get more companies installing flat glass installations. There is a huge need for residential film installers with over 120 million homes in the US. The EPA estimates that there are an average of 22 windows per home. With an estimated 2.6 billion residential windows in the US you can trust that there is no shortage of opportunities. However there is a shortage of installers.

The Problem?

One of the biggest problems that we have seen in the flat glass market is a shortage of trained professional in the field installing flat glass. Scorpion fields thousands of inquires every year from home and business owners looking to have film installed on their home or business yet we have a limited number of installers that actually install flat glass films. This brings us to the solution.

The Solution

Our solution is simple – provide all the necessary training, tools, and marketing to those looking to enter the extremely lucrative flat glass industry. There are so many skilled individuals out there that have the ability to install flat glass film and we want to be their film supplier. We want to match these highly skilled individuals with our world-class films and provide energy savings, security, and comfort to families and businesses in their communities. We are offering $1000 in training, tools, and marketing to each installer. With this you will be able to be your own boss, set your own hours, bid the jobs you want, and make some serious money. So what are the requirments?

  • National average install price = $8.70/sf according to IBISWorld.
  • Over 120 million homes in the US
  • EPA estimates there is an average of 22 windows per home
  • Over 2.6 billion residential windows in the US – not including commercial windows
  • There are only half as many vehicle windows in the US than residential windows
  • Average window size is 15 square feet
  • The average home has roughly 330 square feet of windows
  • A single 60″ roll of film can cover 500 square feet and a 72″ roll can cover 600 square feet

Program Requirements

There is only one requirement for this program and that is for you to use Scorpion Film. We will provide everything you need to get started and all we ask is for you to commit to purchasing $5,000 of Scorpion Architectural Series Window Film in 12 months. This number amounts to roughly 1-2 rolls per month for 12 months. Remember that with Scorpion Architectural Window Film can yield a return of over 500% so your $5K could easily return over $25K.

The Scorpion Flat Glass Program Provides:

  • Training
    • 2 day onsite training (continental US only)
  • Tool Package
    • Includes all tools necessary for installing flat glass films
  • Marketing Package
    • Custom Sales Binder with Samples
    • Warranty Forms
    • Brochures
    • Estimate Forms
    • Film to Glass Charts
    • Film to Glass Approval Forms
    • Scorpion Hat & Shirt


  • Purchase $5,000 in 12 months of the following film products:
    • Mirage
    • Vision
    • Flare
    • Element
    • Privacy Series
      • Blackout/Whiteout
      • White Frost
      • Frosted Crystal
      • Frosted Vision
    • Safety/Security Clear Series
      • 4/6 mil Anti Graffiti
      • 4/7/8/12 mil Safety Clear
    • Solar Security Series