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How Long Does a Vinyl Wrap for Jeeps and Trucks Last?
January 24, 2022
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March 17, 2022
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Architectural Window Film Suppliers

What to Look for in an Architectural Window Film Supplier

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Whether residential or commercial houses, architectural window films will help protect against UV rays and heat and provide privacy. Besides keeping your space cool during the summer, window films will lower the energy bill as they reduce the need for using air conditioners.

However, you might not benefit from these benefits if you choose a non-reputable architectural window film provider. You must work with a reputable window film supplier to ensure you get the most from your architectural window film. This post highlights crucial things to look at in an architectural window film supplier.

Time in Business

Time does not lie. Like any other business, check how long a window tint supplier has been in business before working with them. Of course, you can work with window film suppliers that are just starting but being in the industry for longer comes with more experience.

Selecting a window film service that has been in business for many years means you are working with a company with great knowledge of window films and know how to install them correctly to prevent peeling.

Additionally, an experienced supplier will deliver quick and better results than an inexperienced company. For instance, Scorpion has been supplying and installing window tints to customers worldwide since 1996. We advise on the best window film depending on your windows and needs.

Window Film Options

If you don’t know, there are various types of window films to choose from depending on your needs. What’s more, the different window film options work differently and give different results.

When interviewing different window film suppliers, ask about what window film options they offer to ensure that you get an ideal window film for your space.

The idea is to work with a window film provider with excellent customer service—they must be willing to listen to you and provide answers to all your queries. This way, you will get valuable information that helps choose the best window film for your building.

Professionalism and Respect

A window tint supplier with a poor customer service representative is a red flag. After all, if they don’t show professionalism and respect before you sign up with them, how will they provide the best services?

A residential or commercial building is a huge investment, and you should only work with someone you trust. If you feel a company’s representative is disrespectful, trust your gut and find another supplier.


The supplier’s operations area is another critical thing to consider when choosing a window film supplier. If possible, work with a local window film company as it is convenient and ensures you meet your local regulations.

Online Reviews

Online reviews have become a crucial part of the purchasing process. Reading online reviews will give a perfect idea of what to expect from a particular window film supplier. And don’t just focus on positive reviews; look at the negative reviews as well to get a clear picture of a film supplier.

Negative reviews are valuable as they help understand the weaknesses of a window film company. Also, note how a supplier responds to criticism—do they respond swiftly and make the required adjustments?

Besides online reviews, it is imperative to ask around as online reviews can be manipulated. Ask for a referral and opinions from people you trust.

Licensing and Insurance

You will also want to work with a licensed and insured window film supplier. Going for a licensed and insured company means working with a film supplier that follows all set rules and regulations.

Besides asking for a company to provide proof of licensing, you must check to ensure that they have the right insurance coverage. No matter how experienced and careful a company is, accidents happen, causing unimaginable loss.

Glass windows can break, or walls get damaged, and you will need compensation. Without proper licensing and right insurance coverage, this can lead to unending conflicts with the window film supplier.


Another vital thing to look for in your architectural film supplier is the cost. Request quotes from different window film suppliers and compare them. A supplier will provide a written estimate with all window film expenses in most cases.

As a rule of thumb, don’t choose a supplier based on low pricing. Some non-reputable suppliers use low prices to dupe customers into doing business with them. Choose a transparent film company with fair pricing but guarantees high-quality work.

Service Warranty

It is not uncommon for window film to peel or tear off a few days after installation. If this happens, you need to know that you are covered. A service warranty means the company will pay to repair the window film. The reverse will mean paying for repair from your pocket.

Insist on getting a service warranty from an architectural window supplier. This will give you peace of mind knowing you buy high-quality window film and that installation is perfect. On the other hand, the supplier will pay the damages due to manufacturer fault within a specified time.

Scorpion Offers Reliable and Affordable Architectural Window Film

The window film supplier you choose will determine the results you get. When done right, architectural window film installation will protect against UV rays and heat and ultimately reduce energy bills. Scorpion is a licensed window film company offering window tinting services for many years. We provide advanced architectural window films, including architectural flat glass film, anti-microbial film, and automotive window tint. Contact us today, and we’ll help you choose the best film for your home or service.


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