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Ceramic Coating Tech

Technology will keep your car looking new longer

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nanotechnology has over the years been used to make cars’ paint decrease the rust factor and last longer. It has also been used to make it easy to clean windows, reduce the body weight, and make tires stronger.

Nano ceramic coatings have grown in popularity very fast, becoming a top-selling vehicle paint protection. By 2020, car wax is expected to be obsolete.

Great Investment

The multi-layered Nano ceramic coatings are liquid polymers cured on the exterior of the vehicle. Nano ceramic coatings can be applied to the glass, the paint of the vehicle, the wheels, and upholstery, among others.

Scorpion CMX Products

It is a coating that bonds with the factory paint of any vehicle to create a protective layer that does not wash away or break down. Over the years, the paint does not peel off, with the only means of removing it being abrasion. It also does not require a repeat of the paint every month.

Nano ceramic coatings leave a mirror-like slick finish and come complete with UV protection that prevents the paint from fading. It does so by reducing the vehicle’s visible aging. Depending on the type of installation you choose, you are guaranteed of durability.

Little Maintenance

Note that certain aftermarket products contain nanoparticles, and these could also be useful in protecting your vehicle. If you are sick of the little bug splats that come clouding your windshield, Nano ceramic coatings will come in handy.

The coating only needs to be spread on the window glass to allow minimal contact with ice, bugs, dirt, and other elements. The technology allows nanoparticles to fill all pore sizes making the surface extremely sleek and hydrophobic. Nano ceramic coatings contain certain atoms that form chemical bonds to the glass.

The coating creates a barrier to ice, water, and snow. Ideally, Nano ceramic coatings lower the surface tension dramatically preventing environmental contaminants from ruining your vehicle.  It is also known to increase a driver’s visibility and improves the response time to emergencies.

Nano coating enhances the appearance of your car making it appear cleaner for longer with cleaning becoming less frequent. The Nano ceramic coatings also protect against chemical pollutants, UV rays, and other contaminants. The quality of the coating is ideal for the collector cars, the pleasure vehicles, and drivers exposed to rigors of the road.

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