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July 26, 2022
Installing Window Film on Teslas
August 9, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Flat Window Film
July 26, 2022
Installing Window Film on Teslas
August 9, 2022
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Everything You Need to Know About Installing Ceramic Window Film on Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 has appealing aesthetics that owners take so much pride in. However, like other vehicle owners, they are concerned about comfort, energy efficiency, and protecting their cars from harmful UV rays. This is where installing automotive window film comes into play. When choosing the best window film for your Tesla Model 3, you should choose the option that best fits your vehicle’s appearance and features. Ceramic and crystalline series are the best automotive window tints for Tesla Model 3. Ideally, these films strike a balance between aesthetics and performance without affecting your car’s appearance. If you’re wondering whether installing ceramic window film is right for your Tesla Model 3, we’re glad you’re reading this post. Read along to learn what ceramic window film means for your Tesla Model 3.

Why Install Window Film on Your Tesla Model 3?

Before we look at what it means to install ceramic window film on your Tesla Model 3, let’s first look at the benefits of installing window film on your Tesla:

Protect the Car Interior from Fading and Discoloration

Tesla Model 3 comes with lots of glass that give it its gorgeous look and appearance. However, these windows allow a lot of light to get into your car, posing a risk for your interior. Exposure to direct sunlight can lead to cracking, fading, and discoloring your car’s interior. In turn, this will impact the appearance of your car’s interior and upholstery, negatively affecting your car’s resale value.

When choosing the right automotive window film for your Tesla Model 3, choose one that can block heat and harmful UV rays. The ceramic film helps protect your vehicle interior from heat and UV rays—it helps protect your car’s aesthetic appeal and reduce damage due to heat, harmful UV rays, or infrared light.

Improves Design and Aesthetics

While the Tesla Model 3 looks great from the manufacturer, you can make it look nicer by installing automotive window film. Ideally, window film helps improve your design and aesthetics and makes your vehicle look phenomenal.

If you want a film that can block infrared rays but don’t want to darken your vehicle, you can go for a clear ceramic heat rejection film. Of course, you should consider your local laws to ensure you choose window tint that complies with your state laws.

Installing Window Film Improves Your Car’s Energy Efficiency

Apart from discomfort, increased temperatures in your vehicle can impact your battery life. Ideally, increased temperatures means you will need to switch on your vehicle’s air conditioning system to cool your vehicle. The more you use your vehicle’s air conditioning system, the more it will impact your battery life.

In turn, this will impact the range and performance of your electric vehicle. The best thing is that a high-quality window film helps block IR rays and overheating, thus improving your vehicle’s energy efficiency.

Reduces Sun Glare When Driving

The Tesla Model 3 is no doubt a beautiful vehicle. However, it can disappear within seconds if you’re involved in an accident. Everyone knows that accidents are bound to happen, but no one thinks they will be the one to be involved. However, the truth is that even the best drivers can get involved in accidents, especially if their vision is affected.

This is what glare does—it blocks vision and increases the chances of accidents. Luckily, installing window film helps reduce glare and reduce the chances of accidents significantly. The best thing is that with the ceramic technology, you can choose a high-quality window film that will provide the highest performance without compromising clarity and color.

Additionally, ceramic window film does not interfere with your vehicle’s radio, cellular and Bluetooth signals, which is the case when you use metalized window films.

Ceramic Window Film for Tesla Model 3

Installing ceramic window film on your Tesla Model 3 has many benefits—it blocks damaging UV rays from the sun and heat-producing infrared. It reduces the cabin temperatures significantly, increasing comfort and reducing the need to use an air conditioner when driving your Tesla or automatic air conditioning when the car is parked outside. In turn, this leads to an extended range per charge.

Ceramic film for Tesla vehicles comes with advanced nano-ceramic technology. It rejects up to 66 percent of total solar energy and blocks up to 95 percent of infrared rays. This makes your vehicle comfortable even when driving on warm, sunny days and reduces interior damage due to solar rays.

High-quality ceramic window film blocks up to 99 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays from entering your Tesla cabin. This reduces the risk of serious health problems like cancer due to long-term exposure to harmful UV rays. Blocking UVA or UVB rays is especially important if you usually carry children in your vehicle.

Things to Consider Before Installing Ceramic Window Film On Your Tesla

Having seen the benefits of installing ceramic window film on your Tesla Model 3, you may consider making an appointment with an installer near you. However, before you make that call, there are some things you should consider. These includes:

Understand the Legal Tint Limit in Your State

Depending on your state, you may not be allowed to install much darker tints. Ideally, darker tints can block your vision, which increases the chances of accidents.

Another thing to remember is that in addition to state laws, window film laws vary by vehicle too. Even different windows on your vehicle have different tinting laws. Be sure to check your local laws to determine what is allowed and what’s not when it comes to automotive window film installation for your Tesla Model 3.

Night Visibility

You can be tempted to go for a 5 percent limo tint if you need maximum privacy. However, you need to consider night visibility through your vehicle windows. Extremely dark window film can interfere with your vision, especially at night, so you should find a balance between privacy and protection when selecting ceramic window film for your Tesla Model 3. If you need help on how dark you should go with your window film for Tesla Model 3, ask for help from professional automatic window film installers.

Determine Your Budget—Don’t Go for Cheap Installations

Another important thing to consider before installing ceramic window film on your Tesla is your budget. The saying, “you get what you pay for,” is true regarding automotive window film installation, especially for a classy machine like the Tesla Model 3.

Cheap window products can peel, bubble, or even crack, reducing your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. In turn, you will need to replace the entire thing, which means an extra cost. To avoid this, choose a high-quality window film from the start for satisfying results.

Go for a Window Film Professional Experienced in Teslas

With the many DIY window film kits available, it can be tempting to choose that option when installing window film on your Tesla. However, we’ll highly advise against this when it comes to your Tesla Model 3 or any other EV. installing window film on your Tesla Model 3 is a job better left for professionals experienced in EVs.

Installing ceramic window film on your Tesla Model 3 can be a serious pain for people without the right experience. Scorpion professionals do an excellent job of ensuring you get the desired results.

What to Expect When Installing Window Film on Your Tesla Model 3

Below are the common issues you can experience when tinting your Tesla Model 3:

  • Tint color: Black or neutral gray are preferred by many when it comes to tinting color. However, some films come with a slight hue of color like green, blue, purple, etc., which can impact your car’s design aesthetics.
  • Bubbles: Depending on how your window film is installed, you may notice bubbles or warped window film. Usually, the bubbles should straighten after some time, but if they don’t, you should seek reputable automobile window film installers to replace them.
  • Peeling: Depending on your film’s installation, it can come off a short time after installation. For instance, the edges can lift and peel when you roll your windows up and down, especially if the film cannot withstand the sun.
  • Dirt: Dirt is a common concern after window film installation. Dust and other particles in the air can appear on your film. In worse cases, you may notice significant specks of dust or bubbles. The best way to avoid this is to clean your shop and close the doors and windows during installation.
  • Electronic Malfunction: This is a common concern when installing window film on Tesla Models. Since the process uses water, the electric sensors and components are at risk if water gets into the system. To be safe, only hire highly-experienced professionals to tint your Tesla Model 3—they should have experience tinting Tesla Model 3 windshield.
  • Electronic Interference: This is not an issue of much concern when using ceramic window film. However, metallic particles will interfere with your electronic system. That’s why you shouldn’t install metallic window film on your Tesla.
  • Haze Issues: It’s normal to experience this issue immediately after the window film is installed but should disappear after curing. If it goes beyond the curing time (depending on the sunlight exposure), it may be a sign that the film wasn’t installed properly.
  • Clarity and night visibility: Depending on the film you choose, your tint may be clear and easy to see. Also, night visibility may be an issue depending on how dark your ceramic film is—avoid anything less than 70 percent on the windshield for safety purposes.
  • Glass breakage: Using incorrect window film material can lead to more thermal stress, increasing the risk of damage. This issue is more common with Tesla models, so you should keep this in mind when installing ceramic window film on your Tesla Model 3.
  • Warranty: Something can go wrong during the window film installation or after installation leading to ceramic window film failure. The best thing is that you will be covered when this happens due to the manufacturer’s fault. That is why you should work with a reputable ceramic window film installer like Scorpion, as they provide reasonable warranty terms on their products.

Choose High-Quality Ceramic Window Film for Your Tesla

There you have it. That’s everything you need to know about installing ceramic window film on your Tesla Model 3. If you want your Tesla to stand out from the rest and provide a more comfortable ride, installing high-quality ceramic film is the easiest way to achieve this.

Scorpion window film uses the latest technology to provide additions that match the classy design of your Tesla Model 3. Contact us today, and our window film experts will provide the necessary help. 


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