How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last
April 13, 2022
How Long Does a Residential Window Film Last?
April 26, 2022
How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last
April 13, 2022
How Long Does a Residential Window Film Last?
April 26, 2022
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How Residential Window Film Can Save You Money

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How Residential Window Film Can Save You Money

Nothing is more fulfilling than investing in something that pays for itself over time. Even better is investing in something that offers many benefits for years to come. Residential window film perfectly fits in this category.

Window films are not a new invention. They have been around for more than 30 years. However, increased interest in controlling ultraviolet (UV) rays damage has made more and more homeowners turn to residential window film to meet their needs.

Whether you want more privacy, increased security, or lowered energy costs, many residential window film options are available today. Scorpion is not just dedicated to providing the best window film for your home; we professionally install your windows to ensure you get the best outcome.

But residential window film will not just improve the appearance of your home, deflect UV rays, and provide extra security. It also comes with several monetary benefits. Read along to learn how residential window film can help you save money.

Residential Window Film is Less Costly than Installing New Windows

One great way window films can save you money is in their cost. Ideally, buying and installing new windows to replace your old news is very costly and might not give you a good return on investment.

A more affordable option would be to install residential window films as this will not only improve your home’s appearance but also cut energy costs. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to install window film on your house.

Lower Energy Bills

Everyone wants to save on energy costs. While many people know that residential window film plays a vital role in this endeavor, most do not understand how this happens. To understand how professionally installed window film can help lower energy costs, look at these facts.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a homeowner loses more heat during winter than the amount of solar heat it gets. As a result, they recommend using reflective window film to keep as much heat in the house as possible. 

The case is entirely different in the summer months. More solar heat will get into your house. Even with the blades and shades, a significant amount of sun’s rays can still penetrate your room, making your air conditioner struggle to keep the room cool and ultimately increasing cooling costs.

Our professionally installed residential window film will significantly reduce energy costs. It will prevent the sun’s rays from entering your windows while maintaining heat during summer. This will reduce the need to use an air conditioning system. Instead of replacing your current windows, consider installing residential window film to save energy costs.

Health Benefit (UV Protection)

Medical bills can take a toll on your finances. In fact, most Americans have gotten into debt due to increased medical bills. Taking steps to prevent or lower the risks of serious medical issues is paramount.

Too much UV exposure is associated with skin diseases and, in worse cases, cancer. More specifically, too much exposure to the sun can damage your eyesight, lower your skin’s defenses, and put you at risk of cancer. Limiting the amount of sunlight means better health and reduced medical bills.

To understand more about UV protection, think about sunscreen. When you apply the right sunscreen, you are not only improving your skin look but also reducing the risk of cancer.

Luckily, installing residential window film comes with the same UV protection in your home. UV rays from the sun come in three wavelength ranges, including UVC, UVA, and UVB. While UVA and UVB make the least percentage of the sun’s rays, they pose the greatest threat.

When they penetrate through the windows, they impact anything it comes across, including your skin.

Window films provide an excellent way to protect you and your loved ones from UV rays. Statistics show that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer at a point in their lives. And you know that treating any form of cancer is very costly, meaning anything that protects against UV rays is worth investing in. Installing residential film will protect your skin and eyes and prevent medical bills associated with such issues.

Protects Your Interiors

UV rays are not just bad for your skin—too much exposure to harmful UV rays will damage your furniture, carper, and other interiors. If you’ve ever left a piece of cloth in a sunny room for long, you know how much it fades. The case is no different if your interiors are exposed to UV rays.

Window and bedding fabrics and most upholsters will fade over time. Some interiors, especially leather ones, will become discolored or even crack after much exposure to UV rays.

Residential window film will protect your furniture and carpet from harmful sun rays. This will preserve your interior and hang onto them for many years without replacing them, saving you lots of money.

Decorative Solutions

Things change quickly. Even housing is not immune to trends. After some years of buying or building your house, it may start looking aged and out of place. When that happens, finding affordable and effective home improvement projects will come in handy.

Decorative window film provides fantastic flexibility at a much lower cost than etched glass. The best part is that it comes with varying tint levels that homeowners can choose depending on their preference. These residential window films provide attractive privacy screens and architectural statements at an affordable rate.

While it may seem a small feat, updating your windows with residential window film will help modernize your home and improve its appearance at a much lower cost.

Theft Prevention

Cases of break-ins are not uncommon in today’s world. No matter how safe and secure your home area is, thieves can still break into your house and steal your valuable items. While you may have an emergency fund to meet unanticipated expenses, some cases are just worth preventing.

Robbery is not a welcome surprise. It can lead to property damage, loss of valuables, and sometimes injuries.

Investing in residential security film is an excellent addition to your home security system. Doing this helps in two ways. Firstly, it helps increase privacy and prevent prying eyes from seeing inside your house. And secondly, it provides temporary reinforcement for your windows and ensures that your glass holds together after damage to prevent injuries.

Your windows will become more difficult to break, and you know even a second can make a huge difference in an emergency. Thieves may give up breaking your home on realizing it has a film or even get caught when trying to break them. In any case, it will help improve security and save you a lot of money.

Invest in the Best Residential Window Film to Save Money

That’s it. Those are the different ways residential window film can help you save money. If you are looking for an affordable way to improve your home, residential window film is the way to go. The catch is to ensure that you choose a reputable residential window film company near you for professional installation and best advice.

Scorpion is a great option for all your residential, commercial, and automotive window film needs. Contact us today, and our window film professionals will get back to you.

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