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Scorpion Protective Coatings, Inc was founded in 1996 and has been a leader in the truck bed liner and protective coatings industry.  We have since expanded our operations in 2010 to include premium window films for the automotive and residential/commercial markets.  Scorpion offers our customers opportunities to start or grow their existing business with a company that cares.  We provide the products, tools, training, and customer service that is geared to develop your business. Learn more about the great opportunities Scorpion has to offer.

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filminstallerAutomotive Tint Installation

Are you an automotive enthusiast?  Are you looking to start your own business?  If you answer yes to these questions then you would be a great candidate to start your own business with Scorpion Window Film.  There are millions of cars and trucks on the road and many more added every day that need tint.  You could be your own boss and grow with a company that cares about your success.  Scorpion offers the tools, training, and the best film in the industry to get you up and running quickly earning high profits.

arch21Residential and Commercial Film Installation

A overwhelming majority of homes and businesses around the globe have windows that offer zero protection to families and employees from the damaging effects of the sun.  Energy costs are rising and everyone is looking for ways to reduce their energy costs.  Homeowners are looking to add curb appeal to their homes and reduce glare on TV screens, tablets, and monitors.

Provide your community with a solution by offering window film products from Scorpion.  We have a full line of film products that offer style, protection, reduced glare, energy savings, safety & security, and privacy.  Flat glass installation is a very lucrative opportunity that requires a few low-cost, simple tools and we provide you with the training.

prepandspray.Still013Truck Bed Liners & Protective Coatings

Scorpion has long been known for our unique coating solutions and we want to share those with you.  Whether you are in the automotive or commercial industry, Scorpion has an opportunity for you to turn your skills into profits.  Scorpion is the only coatings company that offers all three coatings solutions typically associated with the truck bed liner market.

Scorpion XO2 is our patented blend of aromatic, aliphatic, acrylic materials that creates a tough, color stable coating that can be applied to wood, metals, fiberglass, and concrete.

Scorpion also offers both aromatic and aliphatic polyurea coatings in both cartridge and high pressure systems that are ultra durable and dry almost instantly.

Even though most people consider these types of coatings “truck bed liners” they are used in hundreds or industries including the marine, military/government, emergency response, contractor, oil and gas, sewage and waste management, and other industries.  Anywhere there is a need for protection, Scorpion has a solution.

Low cost of entry and ease of application makes Scorpion a profitable add-on to an existing business or a perfect start for a new business.

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