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April 26, 2022
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How Long Does a Residential Window Film Last?
April 26, 2022
9 Common Residential Window Tinting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
April 28, 2022
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PPF Film Suppliers

Questions to Ask Bulk PPF Film Suppliers

If you have questions about bulk PPF installs, you have come to the right post. A bulk install involves taking large sheets of uncut material and installing them on the car. Installation is always time-consuming and should only be performed by installers with many years of experience.

Understanding PPF Installs

Scorpion strives to provide the best paint protection job for your vehicle. We treat every car with the same level of attention and commitment to ensure you get the expected results, if not better. Different installers have different level packages to accommodate various customer needs. The most common ones include:

  • Level 1: This package involves installing film on the bumper and headlights.
  • Level 2: This package covers the fenders and hood with a bikini cut. It covers the bumper fully and mirrors, door cups, and headlights.
  • Level 3: The hood and fenders are fully covered. The bumper, headlights, door cups, and side mirrors are also fully covered.
  • Level 4: This package covers the entire exterior painted vehicle surface. We go a step further to cover door sills and sill plates

How to Find the Best Bulk PPF Supplier?

The PPF film you get is as good as the supplier. Here are the top questions to ask your bulk PPF supplier:

What Brands Do You Supply?

Not all PPFs are best for your particular vehicle and driving conditions. Before you settle on a bulk PPF supplier, ask about the brand they carry. Is the brand easy to install, or does it offer specific solutions? You may want a high-impact film to protect vulnerable areas from damage or wide PPF for seamless installation.

What are Your Unique Selling Points?

Your selected bulk PPF supplier should be able to effortlessly highlight their unique selling points. What is great about them, and what do they offer that is different from other supplies? Don’t just focus on price; consider other factors such as reliability and speed of delivery.

Can You Provide Reference?

Don’t just take PPF suppliers for their word. A reputable supplier should be willing to provide customer references. Customer reviews are a great way to determine what to expect from a bulk PPF supplier.

Ask for photos of vehicles covered with their film. This, alongside a list of satisfied customers, means you can bank on a supplier to provide the best PPF materials.

What is the Total Cost of Your Supplies?

While your choice should not be based only on price, asking your PPF supplier how their prices compare with other suppliers is paramount. Do they categorize themselves as lower end, mid-range, or high end? Besides providing insight into their pricing, asking about pricing will help get a glimpse in

to the quality of their products and services.

Do You Offer a Guarantee for Your Products?

When buying your bulk PPF, you need guarantee that it will perform as it should for the longest time possible. Most high-quality paint protection films will come with up to 10 years guarantee. Avoid any supplier who does not offer a manufacturer warranty as this may mean they lack confidence in their product.

Do You Work with Experienced Installers?

No matter the quality of PPF you choose, if it’s not correctly installed, you will not get the expected results. Ask your supplier whether they work with experienced installers or if they can recommend reputable installers.

These installers should be highly experienced and have evidence to back it up. Scorpion prides itself in providing great workmanship and product supplies that guarantee excellent results.

Are Bulk PPF Installs Worth It?

Whether the bulk PPF installs are worth it depends on the specific situation. A great installer should be able to provide both pattern and bulk paint protection film. An installer claiming only to provide bulk install most likely doesn’t have great patterns.

Both bulk and pattern installs are worthy investments depending on the type of vehicle and driving environment. They both provide attractive and long-lasting products. If you would like advice on what PPF install is suitable for your car, contact us today, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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