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October 23, 2020
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Top 10 Truck from Team Scorpion
October 23, 2020
Winter Time Ceramic Coating Protection
November 12, 2020
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Scorpion Social Media Marketing Program


At Scorpion, we understand that not all our installers are “computer people”, and that not all computer people are necessarily social media people. With 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, about 45% of the current population is active on social media… that is a HUGE number of potential customers easily within your reach. That is why we created the Scorpion Social Media Marketing Plan.

As social media is becoming more integrated into our daily lives, it unveils countless opportunities for businesses who are looking to reach out to their audience through social media marketing. Facebook alone has over 2.32 billion active monthly users and remains the most widely used social media platform to date. As a matter of fact, roughly two-thirds (68%) of adults in the US report that they are Facebook users with an average of 3 hours per day spent on social networks. This creates the opportunity for amazing reach for targeted local ads.

Google My Business is an integral part of SEO content creation and helping advance your business in ranking of local listings. Instagram & Pinterest help create a platform for stunning transformations of your projects.

With Scorpion’s Marketing Plan we will help manage your social media platforms to dramatically increase sales, visibility, customer base and to build a loyal community of followers. If you sign up for our pilot opt-in special pricing, from now until the end of December 2020, the pricing is $99/month. If you sign up Jan 1st, 2021 or later, the pricing will be $149.99/month.

The program includes:

  • Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest
  • Social Media Account Set-Up & Maintenance
  • Content Creation & Optimization
  • Creation of Targeted Local Facebook Ads
  • Graphic Design for Social Posts
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Ideas/Collaboration for Local Growth with Events, Contests, Giveaways, Etc.
  • Competitor & Local Market Research
  • Review and Like/Follow Management
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Insight/Statistic Monthly Breakdown
  • Weekly Consultations with Scorpion’s Social Media Manager, Manda Elliott

Manda Elliott

Scorpion Protective Coatings/Window Film

Social Media Manager












Manda has been with Scorpion for 3 years as our Social Media Manager. She will be your personal point-of-contact for our Social Media Marketing Program. Manda attended Indiana State University with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing.  With over 6+ years in the marketing industry, she has kept current on all formats of marketing through the years with certifications on Google Digital Garage in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing as well as Facebook’s Social Media Marketing Professional Certification.

In 2019, a study in Buffer concluded that 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat to very effective” for their business and with over 54% of the social media population using social platforms to research products and services, there has never been a better time to start utilizing the reach that social media marketing provides!

Contact us today at (800) 483-9087 for more information on the Scorpion Social Media Management Program or to sign up. We look forward to helping you make the most of the ever-increasing number of potential customers we can bring to your door!

Scorpion… Protect What’s Yours!

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