The Affects of COVID and the Automotive Shop
March 30, 2021
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April 15, 2021
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What’s In Your Box

Why that’s a mighty nice box you got there!

What does the label on your window film box say?   Based on the stories we are hearing ( or horror stories as you should probably call them) you may not have a window film box with anything in it.  

The COVID effect , The weather effect, the shut down effect, and whatever other excuses people need to do a piss poor job.  


Has anyone else noticed that sense the current pandemic has set in, it seems to have become a path to mediocracy.  It is now ok to offer poor customer service.  It is now ok to make errors on orders with no accountability.  It is now ok to…….well, anything that you want!  Seriously, I can’t tell you the last time I went through a drive up window and had my order correct.  Even pizza delivery sucks!  Recently, an order was placed at local pizza joint ( I WILL NOT NAME IT).  Delivery guy shows up, order is incomplete.  We waited 45 minutes minutes for another incorrect order to be delivered.  Around dinner time and the 3rd arrival of the delivery guy, our order was finally completed in full.  Are you curious how many apologizes we got……..ZERO!   I won’t name this franchise in Greencastle, IN ……but it is not Pizza Hut or Papa Johns.   You can bet that we have not placed another order there since.   When did crap like this become OK?  Why is it OK?

Why is it tolerated?


Here at Scorpion HQ, these are not acceptable nor should they be expected.  But, we are starting to feel the pinch in some areas and it is not a pleasant feeling.  I would hope that through all of COVID, our customers would say that we have first class customer service, both before and after.  Clearly, the demand for automotive accessories was there as we saw huge numbers in the entire industry.  Citizens were using their stimulus dollars for upgrades to their vehicles and we provided products to our deals who were there to waiting to complete the installation.


More recently, ice storms in the south have hampered polyurea production.  Many of our competitors are feeling this as they continue to place order with us.


I am betting that the Suez Canal mishap will effect something that is a part of our day to day lives.  We can wait around to see what is next and learn how we will be (hopefully only temporally) effected by this mishap.  But I am sure that something will come from it.


In the mean time, we have plenty of window film for everyone.  From 1 ply to high performance films and everything in between, if you are dealing with a film shortage, give us a call. We will have line of film that meets yours and your customers standards.  Before long, your customers might even be asking you about that mighty nice box you got there.

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