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Tint Shops – 3 Ways a Film Plotter Can Put Time Back in Your Pocket

A window tint film plotter is a film cutting device that is controlled by a computer. It uses software similar to CAD to create perfect patterns for the window film. The computer has thousands of patterns that are already preloaded onto it.

There are many advantages to using a film plotter in your tint shop. A film plotter can help save you time, reduce film waste and increase install speed.

Saves You Time

The biggest advantage to a film plotter is that it saves you time. The time that is required to cut the film by hand is significant. When using a plotter, you simply plug the vehicle information into the computer—and the plotter does the rest. You don’t have to spend tons of time cutting the film precisely by hand.

Decreases Waste

Window tint installation always involves some waste. The amount of waste can be reduced by using a film plotter. This is because the software perfectly draws the patterns on the film before sending it to the vinyl cutter. This can lead to a substantial improvement in your bottom line as it significantly reduces material waste.

Reduces Mistakes

If you are hand-cutting film, you are likely using the customer’s vehicle as a cutting board and this can lead to mistakes. Using a razor blade near paint, weather-stripping, and glass is a recipe for disaster especially for a novice. Even skilled film installers make mistakes when it comes to cutting the film, leading to expensive repairs. There is nothing that can lead a customer to get angry quicker than learning that you accidentally damaged their BMW while cutting the film. It can also damage your shop’s reputation. That is why using a film plotter will help improve customer satisfaction and even get more customers in the door when they learn how good your technicians are at installing window film.

Scorpion Window Film offers state-of-the-art film plotters and plotter technology. If you are interested in learning more about Scorpion Window Film products or plotters, contact Scorpion today or visit us online to learn more about our plotters.

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