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August 11, 2014
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One Way Glass Film Brings Privacy and Solar Protection

The transparency of glass is one of its great virtues. Light from the sun passes through it for illumination of the inside of a house or a car. A person can also look out to see the world. The inside of your house or car can also be seen from the outside, almost as if there were no wall of solid material there at all.

However, there are times when you might want to see out, but not be seen when you are inside your house or car. You might also want your window to reflect some of that warm solar energy and allow you to look out for an unlimited amount of time.

One Way Glass Allows You to Reduce the Transparency of Windows

Using a number of techniques, one way glass is manufactured infused with small particles of reflective material inside. The more reflective material, the less transparent and the more mirror-like the glass. One way glass is usually close to 50% reflective. Such glass is often called semi-transparent or half mirrored.

If a semi-transparent window separates a well-lit room and a dimly-lit room, anyone in the bright room will see the glass as a mirror. Observers in the darker room will see the glass a transparent.

The new generation of cameras use semi-transparent mirrors which allow some light to pass from the lens onto the photo-sensor and also allow the photographer to see the image through the lens. This circumvents the need for a movable mirror in the camera. Semi-transparent mirrors are also used in holographic photography.

Semi-transparent glass can be produced by mixing metallic particles into glass during manufacture. However, one-way window film is also made of transparent material with metallic or reflective particles imbedded in a coating between two layers of transparent film. The one-way window tint film can be bonded to a glass surface with an adhesive. The mirror layer can be sprayed onto glass or between two glass plates.

For more privacy in your home and lowered utility costs, one-way window privacy film might be just the ticket for you. Please contact us for more information about residential window tint, commercial tint, and automotive window film.

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