Impact of Security Window Film in your Home or Business
April 3, 2015
Choosing the Correct Car Window Tint for You!
April 10, 2015
Impact of Security Window Film in your Home or Business
April 3, 2015
Choosing the Correct Car Window Tint for You!
April 10, 2015
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Scorpion Residential Film Affords Energy Savings and Enhances Curb Appeal

Scorpion Safety and Security Films are engineered to protect you from damage, vandalism, earthquakes, terrorism and even explosions.  The residential window films include:

  • Anti-Graffiti, if film is marred by graffiti the window film can be removed easily and the plate glass is unharmed;
  • Safety and Security preventing your valuables being seen.
  • Clear, Safety and Security Dyed,  the films offer non-tinted and tinted  hues to reflect the sun’s glare and heat away from the home’s interior;
  • Solar Security Reflective Series has solar power for energy savings and the reflective film permits you clear views while blocking outsiders.
  • Each and every Scorpion Window Film Series provide:
    •  99 percent UV protection,
    • Greatly reduces utilities cost,
    • Improves HVAC functions,
    • Reduces annoying sun glare and fading of furnishings,
    • Enhance the exterior of your home and its curb appeal.

Scorpion Privacy Films offer customers privacy and styling options. We have privacy films available in both matte and zero-out styles for bathroom shower cabinets, tub enclosures and window glass.

Mirage Series

The Mirage Series provides tres chic appearance with excellent glare and solar protection. With its metallic look, Mirage is perfect for today’s most sophisticated residential architecture. Mirage Series is excellent for temperature control, and its appearance converts a generic upscale home into a truly significant one. Available in 3 shades, Mirage Series allows you to choose your own performance and style.

Vision Series

The Vision Series provides clarity visually and low reflectivity. Vision offers a very soft, natural color choice and exceptional quality of view without distortion.   Vision’s solar control improves  energy saving and HVAC efficiency.  The Vision Series provides the same protection from flying glass as all Scorpion Residential Window Film  and offers 5 shades for your selection.

Flare Series

The Flare Series Residential Window Film has a decorative and unique appearance that will enhance the curb appeal and style of your home. With a warm copper tone, it offers exceptional performance in glare control and temperature comfort, easing HVAC functions. Available in 2 shades, Flare allows you to choose your own shade.

Storm Series

The Storm Series provides two reflective designs that protect from outside while enhancing your view from inside. This prevents fading of your carpet, furniture and draperies from sun exposure, yet permits open draperies so you enjoy your home’s view. Outsiders, however, cannot peer inside your home. With its attractive blue tone, Storm gives exceptional heat prevention and solar glare rejection for temperature control and comfort.  Available in 5 great shades, Storm allows you to customize  performance and style.

Spirit Series

The Spirit Series provides dual reflectivity protecting from outside while enhancing the view from inside. Spirit’s natural earth tones offer exceptional heat rejection and glare control. This prevents fading of furnishings, carpeting, and draperies. Spirit’s dual reflective feature permits draperies be open to enjoy your view, yet outsiders cannot see into your home. Spirit decreases energy costs and improves HVAC efficiency. Available in 5 pleasing shades, Spirit allows you to choose your unique style.

The Scorpion Company has expertly guided customers in tinting or filtering their windows since 1996.  Contact them for a free Residential Window Film consultation today.

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