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Why Your Vehicle Needs A Ceramic Coating

Your vehicle deserves the best protection possible and we’re here to tell you why that means getting a #CMXCeramicCoating. Check out some of these reasons why #CeramicCoatings will help your vehicle stay looking like new for the long haul!


Why Your Vehicle Needs A Ceramic Coating


So, you want your vehicle’s paint job to last as long as possible, but aren’t really sure where to start? Well, we have some amazing tips for you on why a cmx ceramic coating will keep your vehicle looking shiny and new!


Ceramic Coatings: The Basics

The standard industry grade ceramic coatings are made up of a chemical polymer solution which is designed to bond with the paint of your vehicle to provide an additional layer of protection. Coatings are composed of silica and titanium dioxide which work together to form a highly resistant and water repellant bond shielding paint from water and damage. The bond that is formed from these substances is ideal as a protective sealant for your car because of its superior heat, abrasion, chemical, and impact-resistant properties.


Unlike regular wax or sealant protectants, a cmx ceramic coating provides much better protection when it comes to preserving your vehicle’s paint job. While waxes and sealants need monthly re-application, a ceramic coating will be much more long-lasting and durable and requires little maintenance and upkeep. 


Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Protection

A ceramic coating will do wonders when it comes to providing an extra layer of protection for your vehicle. When UV rays come in to contact with regular factory paint for extended periods of time, it can speed up the oxidation process and contribute to fading. Everyday acidic elements and contaminants such as bird droppings, gasoline, brake fluid, and road salt can also have caustic impacts on the integrity of your vehicle’s paint. A cmx ceramic coating gives you a durable and damage-resistant bond to the paint of your vehicle and will provide heavy-duty protection against these everyday elements. 


Increase Aesthetic Value

Adding a cmx ceramic coating to your paint job will also provide an added layer of gloss to your vehicle and help it stay looking fresh and new. Your vehicle’s aesthetics will also remain in peak condition through the added durability that a ceramic coating provides. Ceramic coatings are scratch resistant, and while they can’t protect against heavy-duty damage such as car keying, it’s a hugely effective preventative measure from the everyday brushes with plants, people, or small rocks and debris. 


Cut Down Your Maintenance Time

One of the most exciting aspects of cmx ceramic coating is that the polymer solution is hydrophobic, meaning that it repels both water and water-based mud and debris. This means that when your vehicle gets dirty, the ceramic coating protective layer will allow you to clean it with water and little to no effort, and dirt and grime should come off with little resistance.


Give your vehicle the best protection possible and invest in a cmx ceramic coating today! Check out these incredible coating solutions that we offer at Scorpion Coatings, or get a professional application in your area and make sure your vehicle’s paint job is here for the long haul.

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