Flat Glass Film Benefits
July 5, 2022
Extend the Range of Your Electric Tesla with Window Film
July 21, 2022
Flat Glass Film Benefits
July 5, 2022
Extend the Range of Your Electric Tesla with Window Film
July 21, 2022
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Window Film for your Tesla

Keep Your Tesla Looking Clean and Pristine with Shield Plus Window Film

Electric Teslas have gained increased popularity in the recent past. And with countries like the United Kingdom banning the production of new fossil fuel vehicles by 2030, Tesla’s popularity is bound to increase significantly.

There’s one thing, though. Tesla vehicles are expensive, typically ranging between US$40,000 and US$200,000. Whether you own a model X, model 3, Model S, or model Y, you need to take measures to protect your four-wheeled ride from UV rays and other environmental conditions to ensure it remains in pristine condition. This is where Scorpion Shield Plus Window film comes into play.

Shield Plus from Scorpion will protect your ride’s interior from external aggressions and provide a better driving experience. Of course, some people are cautious about installing window film on their Tesla, but the truth is it has many benefits, as you’ll see below.

Why Protecting Your Tesla is Vital?

Seasonal weather extremes can impact car exterior and interior as well. While Teslas are more resilient than many other cars, winter ice storms and summer can negatively impact their appearance. Besides, the driver and the passengers are also affected by hot temperatures in summer and freezing temperatures during winter.

Without proper maintenance, too much heat can impact your Tesla interior and make it less attractive. The best care you can give your Tesla is to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

The sun’s rays are the most common source of damage to a car’s interior (including Tesla). More specifically, exposure to UV light causes the Tesla dash to fade alongside the car’s upholstery over time. In worse cases, exposure to UV light can lead to cracking, significantly reducing the car’s resale value.

Besides the UV rays, higher temperatures mean you’ll need to use your car’s cooling system more often to make your car comfortable. This can significantly reduce your miles per charge and increase your charging cost.

Colder climates are not good either when it comes to energy efficiency. You’ll need to crank up your AC to make it more comfortable and remove the mist during winter. Again, this will reduce your car’s energy efficiency.  

Why Use Shield Plus Window Film for Your Tesla?

One of the best ways to protect Tesla’s delicate interior is by using Shield Plus window film. Many things can ruin your Tesla interior, including harmful UV rays and heat. Shield Plus is designed to protect against these hazards more effectively than other window films. That said, here are the benefits of installing Shield Plus window film to your Tesla:

Solar Heat Rejection

Like other car owners, you might wonder whether automobile window film can help reduce solar heat. Having been in the window film business for a long time, we’re happy to answer any questions you have regarding this subject. And to answer your question, window film can help reduce solar heat in your Tesla.

Our Shield Plus window film is designed to reduce thermal rays. In fact, this is one of the top benefits of installing automotive window film. Window film is spectrally-selective, meaning it only allows certain wavelengths of radiation to penetrate through the glass. It acts as a filter by allowing wavelengths that create natural light to pass through and blocking wavelengths that create heat.

Our automotive window film blocks 70 percent thermal energy to keep your car interior cooler. Tesla windows (especially the windshield) allow a great outside view. While this is a good thing, it also means a significant amount of solar energy will get inside your car, leading to uncomfortable temperatures.

Luckily, automotive window film can keep your car’s interior cooler without compromising the outside view.

Protection from UV Rays

The sun radiates UV rays each day. Unfortunately, overexposure to these rays can impact your health—it can cause skin cancer, harm your eyes, cause high blood pressure, and premature aging.

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays will also impact your car’s paint and interior. For instance, UV radiation entering your vehicle can cause your dashboard to fade and damage other dashboard components that are expensive to repair or replace. UV rays also cause upholstery issues. For instance, UV exposure can cause the leather to stiffen even if treated to resist sun damage.

In worse scenarios, prolonged UV exposure can damage the airbags or render the starters inoperable, leading to significant safety risks.

Like heat, automotive window film can help protect against UV rays. It blocks up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays to ensure you, your passengers, and the car interior are safe when traveling for long hours or parking your Tesla in the sun. Ideally, automotive window film is to your car what sunscreen is to your skin.

Glare Protection

Driving in the sun’s direction is not only uncomfortable but also a safety hazard. Sun glare can block your view, increasing your chances of crashing other road users. Glare is an issue not just in summer but in places that enjoy warm weather all year round, like Florida.

Uncontrolled light is associated with eye strain, migraines, and driving discomfort.

Automotive window film offers the best solution to protect yourself from glare from sunlight. It provides an effective way to ensure you have a great view even when driving facing the sun’s direction. That way, you can comfortably see oncoming road users and traffic signs. The best thing is that this solution can be customized to meet the performance level required to minimize distractions while on the road.

Improved Privacy

Your Tesla is like an extension of your home. Like most people, you’ll want to feel comfortable and safe in your car. Unlike your living room, your car is not private. This is where window film comes in to enhance the privacy in your car and ensure you can stay relaxed when in your car, like when in your home.

Automotive window tint films are measured by visible light transmission (VLT), the amount of light penetrating your windows. The higher the percentage, the higher light passes through and vice versa.

For instance, a 70 percent window film allows 70 percent of light into your Tesla. Likewise, 50 percent window film allows 50 percent of light in the vehicle. The limo tint has a lower VLT; that’s why they’re very dark.

While you can opt for a privacy glass upgrade, it is usually more expensive than installing window film. Besides, automotive window film has many other benefits that privacy glass doesn’t, including reducing glare, lowering the heat, blocking up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays, and reducing shattering.

The best part is that there are different levels of shade films to select from. For instance, you can choose darker shades (keep in mind your state laws) for the back windows and lighter films for the windshield to maintain an excellent driver’s view.

Increased Safety After Accidents

The United States records about 3 million nonfatal car injuries every year. Shattered glass during accidents is one of the causes of these injuries. Luckily, automotive window film can prevent the glass from shattering after a car crash or when a person tries to break your car windows. Of course, the film won’t prevent the windows from breaking but will ensure the pieces remain together.

This will protect the car occupants from pieces of glass shards and reduce the risk of injuries. Since accidents are unpredictable, we recommend installing Shield Plus window film to your Tesla to remain safe.

More Stylish

Many people view cars with window film as more stylish and elegant. In addition to the above benefits, this is a bonus benefit of installing Shield Plus to your Tesla. But don’t get us wrong. We know that Teslas are classy cars and appear great from the factory, but small additions will make them look even better.

As earlier stated, you can pick how dark you want your film to be depending on your state’s laws. You also have the option to pick from the different colored films available. The best thing is that the films are easily removable, so you don’t have to worry about your car’s resale value if you install something out of the ordinary.

Protect Your Tesla with Shield Plus Window Film

That’s it. Those are the various benefits of installing automotive window film on your Tesla. Window film will protect against UV rays, solar heat, and the sun’s glare. This will make the car cooler, making it comfortable for the occupants. It will also protect the upholstery from fading due to harmful UV rays. Your Tesla will remain in pristine condition and clean. Ready to protect your Tesla? Look no further. Our automotive window film is specifically designed to provide UV and fade protection, shattered glass protection, temperature control, and enhanced security and privacy. Contact us today, and our professional window film installers will help you out.

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