Window Film for your Tesla
July 5, 2022
Window Film is FUN
July 26, 2022
Window Film for your Tesla
July 5, 2022
Window Film is FUN
July 26, 2022
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Extend the Range of Your Electric Tesla with Window Film

No doubt, electric vehicles like Teslas are the future. Electric vehicles are more efficient and environmentally conscious. And as fuel costs continue to skyrocket globally, more people are likely to purchase electric motors. However, many people’s only concern for not buying a Tesla or any other EV is the range anxiety. Of course, the charging stations have become increasingly popular, but still, hesitation abounds for most people.

Like gas vehicles, auxiliary functions of your vehicle like seat warmers, stereo, and interior light consume a significant amount of power. The most notorious thing in power consumption is heat and air conditioning. Luckily, you can extend the range of your EV by installing window film on your Tesla. Read along to learn more.

How HVAC Use Affects Your Tesla’s Mile Range

Apart from powering your vehicle, operating the comfort systems consumes much of the battery’s power. Think about things like sound, lights, and HVAC systems. Depending on your Tesla model, your vehicle’s air conditioner can reduce range by up to 17 percent.

For instance, the Tesla Model S 70D mileage range without the AC when traveling at 50 miles per hour with an outside temperature of 90 degrees Celsius is 354 miles. The range per charge reduces to 321 miles when using the HVAC while the outside temperature and speed remain the same.

Here’s another example: A Tesla Model S 90D has a mile range of 324 miles on a hot day when not using the air conditioner. The range reduces to 301 miles when running the air conditioner, translating to about a 10 percent reduction. You can expect similar results when using your heating system during winter.

Not Just When Driving

The air conditioning system can also drain your battery while your car is parked in what is termed as the vampire drain. This is an issue of concern for many Tesla and EV owners—the automatic air conditioning safety and comfort system drains the battery when the vehicle is parked outside. The amount of power drained depends on how hot it is outside, but the drain can reduce up to eight miles of range per hour.

Look at this example to better understand how vampire drain can affect you. Suppose you work in Los Angeles, where the temperatures can reach 100 degrees in summer. You drive your Tesla Model Y for a distance of 60 miles and get to work with 100 miles of range remaining. If you don’t drive anywhere else in-between, that should be enough to take you back home without plugging in your vehicle.

Assuming you park your vehicle for 8 hours, you may find you have about 50 miles of range remaining due to “vampire drain.” The range won’t get you home, meaning you will need to recharge your vehicle to make it home. You can avoid this inconvenience by installing a heat rejection window film.

How Installing Window Film Can Increase Your Tesla Mile Range

Now that you know that running the HVAC decreases the range of your Tesla, how does the window film help?

Automotive heat rejection window film reduces the amount of solar energy entering your vehicle. High-quality automotive window films like Shield Plus Window Film repel up to 70 percent of solar energy. When the heat entering your vehicle is reduced, the need to use air conditioning to keep your car interior comfortable is minimized.

Of course, you may need to run the HVAC to improve comfort, but the window film will make you use it less often. In the end, reducing the use of air conditioning would mean an extended electric vehicle range. Over time, this will save you a significant amount in charging costs and time.

Don’t Forget Other Benefits of Automotive Window Film

In addition to energy savings, installing automotive window film on your Tesla has many other benefits, including:

Increasing Safety and Privacy

Just like your home, you need maximum privacy when in your Tesla. Car window film helps enhance privacy and security in your vehicle to limit the chances of people seeing through your windows. Limiting your Tesla’s interior view will ensure no one sees your in-car activities and reduces the chances of break-ins.  

Reducing Glare

Glare can affect your visibility while driving, creating a significant safety hazard. Glare can be from direct sunlight or headlamps from oncoming vehicles at night. Installing window film on your Tesla helps reduce these distractions to ensure safe driving day and night.

Blocking UV Rays

Another benefit of automotive window film is protection from harmful UV rays. Long-term UV ray’s exposure can cause eye problems and premature skin aging. In fact, in worse cases, exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). Our Shield Plus Window Film blocks up to 99 percent UV rays to ensure you’re protected when driving your Tesla.

Enhancing Your Tesla Look

Teslas are attractive and classy. However, installing automotive window film can make your Tesla appear unique and classier. Whether you have a blue, black, or gray Tesla, installing high-quality window film will make it stand out from the rest.

Install High-Quality Window Film to Increase Your Tesla Range

Now that you’ve seen how automotive window film can help preserve your Tesla battery charge, it’s time to install it on your vehicle. However, don’t just go for the first automotive window film you come around. Choose a high-quality film like Shield Plus that can guarantee better results. At Scorpion, we’re excited to help you get the most from your Tesla battery to ensure it serves you even better. If you want to learn how automotive window film can improve your vehicle’s energy efficiency, contact us below, and our window film experts will get back to you.

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