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July 21, 2022
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Window Film is FUN

Window film is an aftermarket accessory that is added to the windows of your vehicle.  It is dark.  It rejects harmful UV Rays.  It looks good.  AND…it is fun!  The is the important thing to remembers.  Aside from all these great things about it…..It is also affordable and that makes it even more fun!


Once a new car is purchased, many proud owners go straight to the accessories shop.  It is time to start making this ride their own.  Add the style that best represents their taste.  This is the reason why you can find automotive accessory shops scattered around every town and city.  This accessory market accounts for nearly a billion dollars in revenue every year.  These accessories are countless and are for both the inside and outside of vehicles.

Today, let’s talk about window film.  Why window film?

Lots of reasons, but the very most basic I mentioned above.

It looks good! Who doesn’t love dark windows?  It adds a clean look to your vehicle.  It hides valuable left inside. Hey, maybe you are having and little bit of dirty day and the inside of your ride is a mess….well it will hide that too!


Nothing says style like making your ride your own.  Adding those little pieces of your style and taste is what make your ride unique to you.  It becomes a reflection of yourself.  I would say that looking good is an feature that has many sub-features.  As you can tell from my opinion.

Hollywood movie stars pay for privacy.  They spend big time dollars on privacy.  This leads me to a question…..have you ever seen a limousine that you could see into the windows.

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