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March 16, 2017
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Window Tint….Is it worth the investment?

With summer on the way, everyone’s filled with excitement at the prospect of warm sunny weather. For your car, however, the hot summer weather conditions can be harsh on your car’s plastic, vinyl, and leather trim.  To protect your car from heat and UV damage, you may consider window film. This begs the question: is window film worth the cost? Let’s try and answer this for you.

Window Tint Saves You Money and Protects Your Car

By providing up to 99% protection from UV radiation, there is no better way to prSAMSUNGotect your car’s interior. Quality window film will keep your car cooler, with up to 78% reduction in heat transfer. All this is achieved while providing optimal visual clarity and reducing the glare.  When the interior of your car is cooler, you won’t have to rely as much on air conditioning to keep you comfortable through the summer. When your AC works less, you save on fuel, which leaves you with more cash in your pocket.

Travel Safer

There’s no price on safety for you and your loved ones.  2 Key safety factors in with automotive window film are that in most cases, the glass will not shatter with impact.  This eliminates flying shard that can be deadly.  The other key benefit is glare reduction.  The afternoon drives are great, but the setting sun can make safe driving a challenge.   Obvious effect are the darker windows will reduce the effect of the sun.  Another option is the sun strip or “eye brow” of the windshield.  This tends to be a very cost effective way to provide an additional safety barrier to your vehicle.

Looks Great

Doesn’t everyone like to enhance their ride?  Window film is an easy way to give your car or truck a new and updated look.  This simple and cost effective investment can drastically change the appearance of your vehicle.

Just Do It!

So, in a nutshell, yes – window film is worth the cost. It will not only keep your cool, it will also make your car look cool. You have a full range of shades to choose from to enhance the appearance of your car. These are some pretty convincing reasons why you should get your car protected and looking great this summer.

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