Scorpion Security Tinted Window Film for Commercial Use is a Win-Win Solution
May 28, 2015
Reduce your Glare with Anti-Glare Window Film
June 15, 2015
Scorpion Security Tinted Window Film for Commercial Use is a Win-Win Solution
May 28, 2015
Reduce your Glare with Anti-Glare Window Film
June 15, 2015
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Going Green with Scorpion Window Tint Film

Applying Car Window Tint Film And Its Benefits

There are several reasons why most people prefer to have a car window tint film on their rides. In order for you to enjoy the benefits of a car window tint you have to tint your car first. Although, a car tint job can be a simple DIY project, great care should been taken if the car is being tinted in order to position it for a resale. If you intend to put your car on sale or get the best car window tint film on your ride, then you should consider contacting the expert.

Tips for tinting car windows

  • Precut A Template

Before you cut the auto tint film it’s important that you know the exact shape and size of the windows that you’re about to tint. The precut template will guide you in buying the right size of film that is suitable for your glass. You can actually seek help from someone who has done it before because it can be quite tricky. Taking the correct measurements and precutting a template is a precision job that ought to be done with extreme care.

  • Clean The Glass

It’s vital to note that any dirt or finger print marks will be more visible after the tint has been applied. Hence, you have to ensure that the glass surface is thoroughly cleaned before tinting. The windows should be bladed to get any loose debris off the windows. Then, clean the glass with a strong glass cleaner such as Scorpion Glass Cleaner. At this point, you should make the tint film cutouts and lay them on a clean glass surface. You should not use a razor blade when applying a tint film on the rear window to avoid damaging the rear defrosters.

  • Wet The Glass

For best results in terms of achieving that desired aesthetic value, you should wet the windows first. Saturate the windows with soap and water mix. This is necessary in preventing the auto tint film from adhering to the glass surface before you remove air bubbles and position it properly.

Benefits of car window tint film

  • Protect the expensive leather seats

Hot summer heat can cause serious damage to the interior of your car. Applying a car tint film on your ride’s windows is one of the ways of cooling the temperatures in your car so as to limit the fading and damaging of your leather seats.

  • Privacy

Have you ever admired the dark interiors of limousines and the privacy that the owners of such cars enjoy? Just know that you can also get the experience with your own car. However, you ought to abide by the law when it comes to car window tinting regulations. For instance, you can’t tint your windshield and driver’s window to be so dark to an extent that the traffic police officers are unable to see you.

  • Block UV rays

UV rays from direct sunlight can be damaging to both the passengers and the interior of the car. Prolonged exposure to these dangerous rays can cause skin cancer and damage. If you and your car are exposed to the UV rays for most hours of the days due to work related concerns, then you should consider tinting your vehicles.

  • Going green campaign

Driving your car in the summer heat especially in states like Texas requires an air conditioning apparatus. Driving a car that has an air conditioning running can burn up a lot of gas hence causing extra emissions of dangerous gases. But if you tint your car’s windows and make it cooler you won’t need the air conditioning hence reducing emissions.

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