September 17, 2014

Protect Your Investment with Scorpion’s Solar Home Window Film

Few things are as rewarding as buying a home. For one, you truly get to make it your own by adding your own personal touches to […]
September 3, 2014

Save on Utilities with Home Window Tinting

Lately, it seems you can’t go a single moment without hearing the terms “energy conservation” or “carbon footprint”. Truth be told, if you’re not considered a […]
August 27, 2014

One Way Glass Film Brings Privacy and Solar Protection

The transparency of glass is one of its great virtues. Light from the sun passes through it for illumination of the inside of a house or […]
August 11, 2014

Window Security Film Can Help You Feel Safer

Sometimes windows just don’t get enough credit. You may not realize it, but windows are actually one of the most important pieces of your home or […]