May 13, 2014

The Primary Benefits of Automotive Window Film

A lot of people believe that the main point in getting automotive window film installed on a vehicle is to make it look stylish. Though window […]
May 8, 2014

Legal Tint Limits on Auto Window Film

Installing tinted film on your vehicle isn’t only a matter of style – it gives your car a sleek and professional look, protects valuable hardware from […]
April 30, 2014

National Window Film Day

We are happy to announce that April 30th is National Window Film Day!   According to the IWFA (International Window Film Association), “April 30th is the perfect […]
April 21, 2014

The Health Benefits of Car Window Film

When you hear the words “skin cancer,” the first thing that might come to mind is prolonged exposure to the sun. In fact, you might envision […]